Alright, it's the CEN Initialisation in approximately 6 hours. As much as I'm looking forward to it, I'm really tired and worn out from all the working and club meetings. But hey, it's my juniors! I still have to make sure that everything goes well. Thankfully, my committee has been really great, all doing their respective jobs real well =). Wish us good luck!

On to what's been on with my life...

Hm, been busy working and having meetings... It's kind of fun though. Like you're busy all the time. That way, my mind won't wander off unnecessarily. However, I've still yet to change my sleeping habits. As a result, I'm almost always tired while I'm awake. Haha =P.

Nothing really significant happened for me to blog about, other than this one incident. I went to Sim Lim Square with Hilmi and Taufiq after work to get some printer catridges. While walking around trying to find the lowest price possible, Taufiq entered this shop. I can't remember the shop name, but it was selling all the Apple & Sony stuff. Anyway, found out that one of the salesgirl working there was from my primary school. We were even in the same class in primary three. Well, I couldn't remember her at that point in time. She couldn't remember my name either. Anyway, I got her number so we could keep in touch. It practically made my day. This doesn't happen everyday. Sometimes you see friends you haven't seen in 2 years and you already have problems remembering them, and we're talking about 10 years or so here. By the way, she's quite cute-looking =X.

After that, the three of us basically walked from place to place. We went to Beach Road where Taufiq literally spent 2 hours or so just to get some clothes =X. Walked to Bugis after that. Taufiq left shortly after, and again, it's me and Hilmi. We had nothing to do, and simply walked around, sight-seeing. Went to Seiyu, and saw some really nice stuff. There's this Renoma bag that's super classy. $336 dollars though =(.

Anyway, we took bus 10 from somewhere around Esplanade (yes, we walked there), and I basically slept throughout the bus ride. It was quite an interesting ride though. There was a couple in front of me, and many a times when I woke up I could see how much the girl was enjoying being touched by the guy ^_^. The facial expressions, I tell you, it's cool. OMG! *Klok* Bee Lay! I think Hilmi slept throughout the ride as well. Anyway, went off to Boon Tiong's house after that, where I had a good time with the HDKs.

Ever had the feeling you don't really know what's going on with yourself? Like, one moment you want to do this, yet the next time you're completely opposed to what you planned to do. Like you don't even know what you want.

That's all. Bye bye =P. I'm off to sleep. Got to wake up in 3 hours... ZzZzZzZ.

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