On May 12, I was around Somerset's MRT Station when I saw this man walking around by dragging himself with his arms. He seemed to have been wounded, as there were bandages around his arms and on his face. At that point in time, all I did was to wonder if he's alright, if it's because he can't use his legs at all. All I did was to watch. After a while, he dragged himself past me, and my friends, and all I did was to continue watching. Shortly after, a lady went to him. It seemed like she gave him some cash, and she also asked if he's alright. The lady then went off. I watched on, and the man actually closed his eyes, and clasped his hands together, praying. At that point in time, I really wanted to go forward and help him, maybe give him some of my money or something. But I didn't. I remain rooted to the ground, not knowing what I should do. I kept on wondering what I can do to help, when all I could, and should, have done was to approach him and ask if he's alright. At the very least, he could be happy in knowing that someone else bothered. But I didn't. I only watched on, just like the hundreds of thousands of people who did the same thing, as this man dragged himself on, probably in a country he wasn't even born in.

To this man, I know you won't be reading this, but I really hope you're fine. Sorry, that all I could do was watch on, just like everyone else. Just like the society I dislike so much. Really, sorry.

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