In case you don't know, most people don't exactly like you. Your fucking ego, self-centred ideas will take you nowhere. Seriously. I've been keeping quiet, that's all. In fact I find it pointless to even quarrel with you. Other than money, what do you have that I do not have? Do I not supercede you in just about everything? Even then, I always refrain from insulting someone I consider a friend.

But then, you do not do the same thing. You care only about yourself. You insult your friends like they're dirt, like they're simply tools for you to use. Go figure. Can you really keep to your word? At the very least, the people you scolded on your blog are good friends. Money? Use people? Don't talk what you can't walk. If it wasn't for the sake of some people I would've done what you did; putting your name here openly, in spite of the fact that I am a fucking hypocrite, smiling at you even when I hate it. I've my reasons, and no, it's not to use you like a tool. I simply hate acting cool and finding trouble, nothing else.

Moreover, I don't intend to spoil everyone's mood just because of you. Think about it, how would you feel if I publicly insult you in front of all your friends? Hm, must be cool right?

You whine about your life, when the fact is you're probably much better off than most of us. I can get a girlfriend? Just that I don't want to? Sorry, unlike you, I don't intend to go steady with just about any girl.

It's because of people like you that makes me wonder, "WHAT'S THE USE OF FRIENDS WHEN THEY'RE ONLY OUT TO USE YOU?" But then again, I've great friends around me. HDKs, D4SH, some of the CENT people, Alan and friends, and others. These are the people who were there when I needed them, whether I whined or not. If you intend to whine about your life, go whine to the wall, since every single advice others give you is considered "stupid" anyway. Since we don't understand you.

Friends? You know, I really thought you were a friend. I even covered your ass and didn't do many things I could've done. Even when close friends like H tell me you're probably an asshole. When you trust, you get betrayed? Look who's betraying who.

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