Computer Maintenance + More

Well, a few days ago, I came home, and found out my sister somehow managed to get my PC infected with some spyware. Ad-Aware returned 1 result, and I cleaned it, of course. However, I didn't feel at ease. So today, I did some searching, and came across Spy Sweeper, by Webroot. It found 2 more spyware! Sigh =(. Anyway, it's a 30-day trial, but it works, and it works well. Give it a try at http://www.webroot.com.

Anyway, since it's been a long time since I played around with my computer (ok that sounds perverted), I did some "maintenance". Did a defragmentation, and ran all the virus/spyware scanners I have. Alright, it's just one antivirus software, and Ad-Aware, Spybot S & D, Spy Sweeper, CWShredder, and HijackThis! It was quite fun. Also, I cleaned my "Prefetch" folder. Read about it here.

That's all. I've been wanting to do a re-install of my OS for a long time, but I'm really lazy. Moreover it's still working well. The weird thing is, my sister always hangs it, and till now I've no idea why, or how. She simply tries playing a video file in Winamp and it hangs. I play audio and video files on Winamp all the time and nothing happens. Weird.

More on my life... I went to Boon Tiong's house around 12.30am and it's the first time in like 3 months that all the HDKs are together. Anyway, we went for supper, and then proceeded to buy some alcoholic drinks to my house. So it was a night of drinking and fun =).

Anyway, I slept at 5am, and woke up around 6.30am to go to Yio Chu Kang to collect some "Scholarship" cheque with my mother. Well, I got $350 for nothing, so I shan't complain. Went down to Ang Mo Kio after that for the Enzer warehouse sale. The stuff they sell is really cheap! $98 for a 256MB mp3 player. Anyway, my mother bought this mini hi-fi, and it costs only $58! It's not bad for it's price, seriously =).

Last but not least, to a friend, good luck with your girl... Cheer up!

Edit: Oh ya, and I bought 4D. Wish me good luck later on! HEHEHEHE.

Edit #2: When I walked into the darkness, no one tried stopping me. Similarly, as I watch you walk the path I did, I'm not stopping you.

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