Examinations Are Over... Is TP Life Over As Well?

EXAMINATIONS ARE FINALLY OVER! Since Year 2 I've barely rested. Everyday's about rushing this and that. If there's no projects, there'll be club stuff. If there's no club stuff, there'll be term tests. If there's no term tests, there'll be examinations! Well, you get it.

For now, I just hope I'll do well for all three papers =). Wish me, and my friends, good luck, ok?

TP life isn't yet over for me though, although I will surely miss those times. I still have one event left to run, and I've to return to ITCU to help out from time to time. It won't be the same anymore though. It's going to be sad. I've to close the chapter and move on. No more talking shit in CENT room, or looking at (school) girls together. I'm sad =(.

Anyway, I was thinking of how much my TP life could have been better, and I'm proud to say, it couldn't have been THAT much better. Looking back at when I first entered TP, I feel like a different person. Better in many ways, but at the same time, worse in some ways. I never expected school life to have such an impact. Sad to say, I'm not looking forward to university life at all. That's a little too far though, I still have to serve my country =).

Why am I not looking forward to university life? I'm not really sure, but maybe because I'm scared that it'll never compare to my TP life. Sigh. Even if it does it wouldn't be the same people =(. Some people go to school because they've no choice, they just need a Diploma to find work. Some go without knowing what they want, some go for very weird reasons, like choosing a course based on the girls, etc. I don't know about my friends' reasons, but I know for a fact we've been through thick and thin together, and this itself makes it hard for me to accept we're graduating soon. I never felt this way back in secondary school, probably because I didn't really enjoy it. But this feeling right now, it's really something special =).

Anyway, I think my TP life would've been a little better if the stuff that happened in Year 2 never happened. Then we would still all be good friends now. Having fun, etc. Well =(.

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