The Past 3 Years... (Part I)

Alright, my life at Temasek Polytechnic has finally come to an end, more or less. All that's left are the examinations in roughly 2 weeks' time, and that's it. 3 years have passed. Since it's actually something important, I'll try my very best to write everything that comes to mind when I think back on the 3 years.

It feels sad, honestly. There's no happiness at all in this. You know, I thought I'd go, "Yay finally!" On the contrary, I'm actually feeling, "Please don't end." I had a very good primary school life, but my secondary school's one was more or less screwed. Life at Temasek Polytechnic was, simply put, the best school life I've ever had. I made friends and made enemies (which was against my will), organized and helped out at events, and most importantly, I had fun. Though there were lots of downs as wells, in the end, the trip was fun. It was great, really.

I'm honestly feeling very sad over it. Life's not going to be the same anymore. No more going to school just to waste my time away with my friends. No more waking up late, taking a cab, only to still be marked late. Or early, depending on the lecturer. No more debating with some friends which is the correct way to go about programming this and that. It ends, just like this. I know for sure I'm going to miss Temasek Polytechnic.

In Year 1, I didn't really focus much on my studies. Most of my time was spent skipping lectures (with my friends), especially in Year 1.2. I didn't really know what I wanted, I only knew that I'll choose Computer Engineering in Year 2. Yet, somehow or rather, I managed to do rather well, and till today, I believe that was what drove me to work hard for my results. I actually felt like achieving something for once, academically. Anyway, the studying part went smoothly for me in Year 1. However, the thing I'll always remember was my class A301. Although we aren't close anymore now, it was a great class. If I'm not wrong, there were only 3 girls in that class. Of course, you can imagine the boys' disappointment. Well, at that time I was attached to E (fake name, of course!), so it didn't really bother me that much. Still, being in a class with that many guys is really weird. Simply put, when you sit at the back of the class, all you see is guys' asses. Really interesting. Lol. I made some really great friends in Year 1, and till today we're still close. Shouts to Maclean and Gregory! Anyway, I ONLY PARTICIPATED in ONE event in Year 1, and that was the Open House. I joined as an E-Guide, and as fated would have it, the organizers were Jia Hua and Chris. Why fate? Well, in Year 2, I will find out that these two people are actually my seniors in the club I will join.

So, time passes, and I worked like crazy during the holidays (the one before the start of Year 2.1). Maclean, Gregory, Chin Ming, Roy, and a whole bunch of us worked at Acer. Some of us got helpdesk, others got on-site. Well, I'm luckier :P. I got to do some testing of the computers there, which was really fun! Anyway, things soon turned out bad, as E would break up with me just before the start of Year 2.1. It was a really down moment for me at that time, but it was a mutual break up more or less, I guess. Heh, that rhymes. Anyway, E's with another guy now, so I'd like to wish the two of you all the best!

Anyway, Year 2.1 started. I became a zombie for the first 2 weeks. I didn't have the mood to study, and I spent nearly every other night drinking. Alan kept me company almost everyday. He's a really good friend of mine, although both of us have been busy recently. The stuff taught in Year 2.1 was killer, compared to those in Year 1. Most of us got lost, we didn't even know where to start. Somemore, bit by bit, I managed to grasp most of the concepts, and things became a little smoother. It was a really tough year, especially when my group mates were all so lazy :P...

Ok, I'll stop here for now. Not feeling very well, will continue another day. =)

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