The Past 3 Years... (Part III)

I'm back! Had a really great Valentine's Day with G! She's so damn sweet! *hugs*

Anyway, back to topic, 2.2 was a tough year. Thankfully, with a little luck here and there, I managed to clear it successfully. I forgot to mention a rather significant, those embarrassing moment in Year 2. I can't remember if it was 2.1 or 2.2, but I actually went to ask for a girl's number. The stupid thing was, I was practically trembling. LOL. I'll never forget her saying, "Don't worry, I won't eat you up." The point is, after that incident, I told myself to seriously just be myself. I normally wouldn't screw this kind of things up. Yet because she's a girl I was interested in, I screwed it up. It became pretty weird talking to her on the phone (Well, I succeeded in getting her number anyway). Eventually we just stopped talking, and till today I feel stupid whenever I think about it. To all the boys and men out there, when you ask for a girl's number, just be honest. Just say you find her attractive. Don't give stupid reasons like, "I want to make friends." You think the girls are stupid? Of course, always try to strike up a conversation before getting the number. But don't use stupid pick-up lines =P. Well, even though I screwed up, I was honest, so it was still a success! Okay, enough laming =).

Year 2.2 was also the period in which my sister started changing for the worse, drastically. Till today it's still happening, and every single day I hope and pray that she'll realize her mistakes. It's sad, really. I've never felt more sad since the day my parents divorced. Blood is thicker than water after all... So, to my dear sister, if you happen to read this, please, wake up.

Anyway, all these while, G was always there! She's always talking and joking with me, cheering me up and whatever, and it's really sweet. I'm trying to fit her into my posts as much as possible, but I think I'll end up writing about her instead. So dear dear, I'll write something for/about you in future. I'll dedicate an entire post to you =P! Don't be jealous ok =P?

I guess that's all for today. I'll write about about Year 2, and start on Year 3 in my next post. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN TP WHO WILL BE HAVING THEIR EXAMINATIONS NEXT WEEK =)!

P.S.: To everyone who's been reading from Part I, sorry about the disorganization. It's been a really long time since I wrote something this long =(. Nevertheless, I hope you'll have an enjoyable time reading about what happened during my school life in TP.

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