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What's with the teenagers nowadays acting all matured and shit? They can't wait to grow up? Why? So they can start fucking, clubbing, smoking and drinking? Get a fucking life. Get real.

I've been blog-surfing the past few days, reading mostly the people who I know (and that's why I'm so affected). Get a life. Really.

First of all, is someone related directly to me by that which is thicker than water. You judge friends on whether they were there with you or not? That is so cool. Naturally, when you break up with someone, ANYONE can be at your side and tell you, "Cheer up." Maybe even lend you a shoulder to cry on. Yet, if they were really friends, will they encourage you to smoke, drink, run away from home? SORRY TO SAY THIS, but they probably happened to be there, because just like you are, they have no life. Hanging out at coffeeshops, spurting vulgarities faster than they can actually enunciate the fucking word properly, that is cool. Even cooler is the fact you went back to them because you needed them. In other words, they're just tools to you. I'm seriously sad with how things are turning out. Let me tell you this, MUM WENT TO BANGKOK ON TUESDAY, DID YOU EVEN KNOW? The money on your table, and everything else, was there because Mum asked me to. But you don't give a shit. You come home, take the money, bathe, make-up, and go out. I don't want to count the number of times I've had to quarrel with basically everyone because of you. Time and again I tell myself it's ok. It's ok. She'll turn better. It's ok. Thank you for being so selfish, and for only caring about your own happiness.

Next, I'll talk about some stuff in relation to relationships, and this concerns the person who is related to me by blood as well. How old are you? 15? 16? 20? Time to get married? THE ONE? BROKEN PROMISES? Because you broke yours I'm going to break mine? YAY I WIN. IT'S BECAUSE YOU BROKE UP WITH ME THAT'S WHY I AM A CHAO AH LIAN NOW? IT'S BECAUSE YOU LEFT ME NOW I'M A PLAYBOY? FUCK ALL OF YOU. Don't blame your fucking weaknesses on someone else. You're pathetic. If you fucking want to get into a relationship, don't whine when it doesn't turn out the way you want it to. YOU GOT PLAYED OUT? MENTALLY? PHYSICALLY? YES I GET IT. MOVE ON. There's no need to whine and degrade yourself any further. Or is it "Since I had sex with my first boyfriend, it doesn't matter anymore. I'll be a slut now."? PIECES OF SHIT. Fucking move on. At this age, all that matters is whether you're HAPPY with the person or not. Why bother about stuff like "Will you marry me?", "Are you the one?" and so on? Wake the fuck up, especially the ah lians wanting to act like a good girlfriend, and the ah bengs trying to be macho men. If you behave like a fucking slut, wearing miniskirts so short it barely covers your fucking panties, or if you behave like some fucked up no-lifer smoking and acting tough with that 40kg, 1.6m frame of yours, don't bother getting into any relationship. Even if you do, it'll be with someone as low-class as yourself. I THINK, and YOU KNOW, the most important thing is to do something about YOURSELF.

You owe it to yourself for being with whoever you want to be with. So don't fucking blame it on anyone else but yourself. It has nothing to do with your parents, nothing to do with your friends, and NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR FUTURE partners. Compare, compare and compare. "I'm sorry I've to leave you because I not good enough for you." Yeah, seriously, if you want to break up just say it. If you really feel you're not good enough fucking go and improve yourself. I'm sick and tired of all the people around me getting troubled, either directly or indirectly, by people who simply have no direction in life. As you can see, I'm troubled as well, by my very own sister.

And some of you are probably thinking, "Aiyah this guy sore loser, ugly and no girlfriend that's why complain." I don't give a shit. I don't know if I'm ugly or not in your eyes, but I've a very nice and sweet girlfriend, and really good friends by my side. And I'm thankful for that.

To those no-lifers aka "chiobu ah lians" and "yandao ah bengs", I think your life is better spent in the coffin. Either that, or do something about it. There are so many people in Africa who would want to have the pleasures you all have. Stop wallowing in your self-pity. And to my own blood, please wake up from your dream. It's giving all of us nightmares. I still miss the sister who was scared of being alone at home.

Anyway, check out this post. I like it =).

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