The Past 3 Years... (Part II)

So I was saying, my team mates were very lazy. Nevertheless, most of them are my good friends, so it was still fun working with them =). The projects were really tough, seriously. Thank goodness I like programming a lot, so it was more or less an enjoyable, though tough, journey. The toughest part was actually trying to get E off my mind as I work on my projects. Anyway, since I'm a natural genius, I managed to complete my projects and did pretty well for all of them =P. 2.1 was an especially important year because I got to know a bunch of people from the other class, P02. Oh ya, I was in P01 for most of my lessons, if not all. Anyway, I'm still pretty close with most of these people today. The sad thing is, a lot of stuff happened in Year 2 =(. Till today, I feel that what happened was largely stupid and unjustified, and it seems to have split the entire cohort into multiple groups. I wouldn't mind if it was the people involved that aren't close anymore, but people who aren't involved are poking their noses into everything and taking sides, causing the cohort to split up even more. When I first got to know these people, I didn't hold any positions, but when the problems started, I was the Vice-President of CENT Club (my course's club). So it was pretty sad when you see your own course fall apart and you can't do shit about it. Oh ya, Jia Hua and Chris were the ex-Main Committee before my batch took over. Another important point to note was I became the VP at a much later stage than the rest became the President, Secretary and stuff. It seems my name was left out =(. Unwanted.

I can't remember the exact timeframe during which all those stupid friendship stuff happened, but I remember blogging about them. Sad to say, till today, we aren't close anymore. Perhaps the bad blood is gone, but the wound doesn't seem to close for some of them/us. Well well. Anyway, I went on to run the Open House 2005, and it was one great event! Together with Jeremy, Maclean, and Gregory, the event went really smooth, considering it was our first time. Nevertheless, there are always people trying to bring you down and shit behind your back. EVEN TILL NOW! The sad thing is some of them are pretty well-known people as well, such as holding the positions of Presidents and whatnots in other clubs. Bah. Even weirder is the fact that I don't recall them helping out at all. As an ex-President, I think it's bad to talk shit about other clubs. If you have something against him/her, bring it up and settle it nicely.

Due to certain circumstances, my President eventually stepped down, and I had to take over. Thankfully, Jeremy took over as the Vice-President, and together with Maclean, Raj, Gregory, and the rest, we managed to more or less do well as a club. We eventually stepped down of course. Anyway, I'm not going to elaborate of each and every event we've done, but I love CENT Club! I mean OUR CENT Club, the one with Maclean and the rest! It has to be one of the most memorable memories (WTF) in TP for me. It was great. Jia Hua and Chris were also really good seniors, and we had good advisors as well =). So that more or less sums up Year 2.1 for me. It was a semester full of ups and downs. If that wasn't a rollercoaster ride, I don't know what is. Everytime I write about Year 2 I seem to flare up a little =(.

Back to personal life, I can't remember when it was (2.1 or 2.2), but E got back in touch with me. She said she really missed me, and wanted to work things out. Being the weakling that I am, I agreed and we tried working things out. She was really sweet when she went overseas, as she actually prepared a present for each day she's away. and I was supposed to open them daily. Nevertheless, things didn't work out, so yup. It's not a bad thing actually, otherwise I would never be with the sweetie I'm with now =). Let's call this sweetie G =P. I got to know her through Roy, so I guess I've to thank him for that. BUT, to be fair to myself, the rest was entirely my actions =P. Anyway, G has been really sweet all these while, from the day I know her till now. I don't know why I'm wondering off topic now, but it's Valentine's Day now, so HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY dear dear =)! I'll continue on how I got together with her later on =P.

Year 2.2 soon started, and some of my friends got posted to different classes, so the project groupings were different for certain subjects. Again, it was one hell of a semester. DSA and EWA were killer subjects. Both had weird lecturers! Weird in a good way actually, they are both very nice lecturers to talk to and joke with, but when it comes to school work, they're scary! Thanks to them though, I really learnt a lot more about programming. 2.2 was a really busy year as well. Events and projects were all thrown together to form a huge lump of monstrous schedule that I can't run away from =(. I think I got to know G sometime around this period as well, and we got really close somehow, although I've only seen her once before this (which she doesn't remember =P). ... I'll continue another day. Getting tired and examinations' in one week's time and I'm still slacking. Damn it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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