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After studying for the past few hours I've decided to rest and update my desktop a little more. It currently looks like this:


Just added a Calendar. Lol =P. Anyway, just some more useful software for you all:

Taskbar Shuffle - Allows your to re-order your taskbar buttons (similar to how you re-arrange your tabs in Firefox).

Neoshooter - Old, but good and free screenshot capturing application (I used it for both this and the earlier screenshot).

Old Post:

I've decided that I'll start posting more geeky/techie stuff on this blog from now on, since I usually talk to my friends about it anyway (especially Mac, lol). Anyway, here's my desktop (I just did a clean install recently) screenshot, with Samurize (haven't touched it for ages). Still deciding whether to patch the icons with the Tango Superpatcher or not... Haha.

Neoshooter 1

Theme: Whistler Schnapps
Wallpaper: Love Juice

Currently listening to: Alesana - Endings Without Stories

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