Tired!!! Is An Oxymoron

Every now and then you get really tired, and wonder what's the point of living. No, actually I'm just joking, I'm just really tired and want to sleep =P. There's so much to live for in life! Despite the hectic school life, there's always things to look forward to. My recent falls (sort of) have reminded me once again, that there's always something to be happy about. Of course, the things that are bothering you will still be lingering somewhere in your mind, but hey, try to find the light in the darkness =)!

Sometimes I think I actually have a good time making fun of others, all in the name of fun, of course. I'm damn sure I'm being made some of as well, well even if I'm not I don't care. The world doesn't revolve around me, or you. It revolves around love baby! Lol. Or money, or whatever. Anyway, here's some interesting shit that happened this week (yes, it's only Wednesday):

Eugene was trying to study in a quiet corner in school. He was, as usual, trying hard to study, and with him was Ben, and both of them were studying hard for coming paper. Beside Eugene was Yong, who was trying to complete his latest assignment. Deciding to take a break from his studies, Eugene went to help Yong with his programming (which he enjoyed). This is a dramatic story. Opposite Eugene was Lisa, who kept looking on as Eugene was helping Yong. That kind of "I-need-help" look, you know. Now, Eugene doesn't help people who don't help themselves, especially when they blatantly act like they deserve help because they are damsels in distress.

Thus, Eugene told Lisa nicely to put in some effort first before asking for help. At the same time, Eugene managed to help Yong finish his assignment. Following that, Eugene went back to his studies with Ben. Anyway, they had some chit-chat in which Eugene said the words "F you" to Ben jokingly. Now comes the dramatic part: Lisa suddenly looked at Eugene, shouted "What? You want to F me is it?" for no apparent reason at all. Eugene was clueless as to what just happened, and so replied "Huh?" Of course, Lisa, who was full of confidence, said that Eugene had been staring had her. Well, what can Eugene say?

Thus, Eugene decided not to argue with "damsel-in-distress" Lisa, and just kept quiet about it. Surprisingly, Lisa still had the cheek to ask Eugene for help afterwards. Of course, Eugene just smiled, and said nothing. Moral of the story?

Eugene's an idiot for not saying anything, and Lisa's shameless. She's probably just unhappy that Eugene didn't help her.

After hearing his story, I told Eugene that his peace-loving nature is not going to work out all the time. Being a peace-loving person myself, I've come to realise that most of the time I avoid conflicts because I think it's simply a waste of time, since most people don't handle it well anyway. With that being said, I always believe that conflict is sometimes necessary for progress.

Anyway, there's a lot of things that've happened this week that are truly amusing, but most of them are quite geek-related. Lol. Here's one of them... I was reading some forums and some guy posted that he knows he's being cheated on by his wife. I know it's quite sad to read this kind of things, but then someone came in and replied "Uninstall her." I can't help but chuckle to myself after that.

Lastly, made some changes to my desktop (Winamp controls, coloured To-Do):

Neoshooter 8

I might post a tutorial on how I did some of the things, but for basically, Samurize rocks =).

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