Great Weekend + SuRun

Despite my earlier post which was kind of whiney regarding school matters, I had a great weekend =). Being with Geri is simply the kind of thing that may just happen once in your life =). Ok, end of lovey-dovey stuff. Of course, being with my wonderful friends and Geri makes for an even more awesome weekend.

On to some computer-related stuff, for those of you who are still on XP (like myself), regardless of what you feel towards Vista, SuRun is something you should check out. Why? Basically, in XP, most of us are running with administrator rights, unless you specifically selected yourself to have limited rights. Running with limited rights basically means that you do not have access rights to things which are system-related. However, for people like myself, running in a Limited User Account (LUA) can be quite troublesome, as I would then not be able to do certain things which would requite Administrator rights (which is why I have been trying to convince myself that running with administrator rights is alright. That is where SuRun comes in. Basically, it allows you to elevate yourself to administrator rights only when required (for the particular action you need to perform).

There are already various posts on the internet on why LUA is preferred over an administrator account, so I would not be giving my take on it. I've gotten most of my information regarding SuRun from the this thread over at Wilders Security, and below are the more important sections (or other links) that I believe would help you in setting and getting your SuRun configuration up and running as soon as possible (in order):

  1. Get SuRun from the website.
  2. Read the first post on this thread for a brief overview.
  3. Read this post for a tip on how to set up SuRun quickly.
  4. Read this post for some final touch-ups.

That's about it! I strongly recommend you read through the thread itself as it contains a wealth of information, as well as possible problems you might encounter running with limited rights (which can be fixed pretty easily). Also, please visit this site (taken from the Wilders Security thread) for a load of reasons on why you should NOT be running with administrator rights.

Happy running in LUA mode =)!

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