I was out enjoying myself with my dearest and friends at Sentosa yesterday (Jazz By The Beach). It was pretty much just chilling out and relaxing, which is more or less what I need after a hectic week in school. On the way home, I got a SMS from Percy (one of my SOC friends), asking if I had submitted a particular assignment for the group. I thought it was strange that he'd ask such a question, especially when the deadline is on Friday, so I called him up and told him that I've submitted for our team already. Guess what? For some reason, my team was listed under the "Not Submitted" category in NUS IVLE system.

What the hell? So I've emailed my tutor and lecturer, to clarify things, as well as attach a screenshot of proof that I've submitted. If the marks deduction penalty applies to my team, I've nothing to say. Simple administrative mistakes like this should not be happening. Sigh. All I hope for now is that the penalty will not apply to my team, since it doesn't make sense to being with.

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