Some Software I Use

Although I've posted some stuff here that's related to Windows, I actually spend about 1/2 the time on a Linux machine as well, either Ubuntu (on my PC and laptop), or Fedora (in school). I actually like the way Ubuntu handles windows, as well as the usage of virtual desktops, and have been some applications running on my Windows setups to try and achieve a similar effect. I don't particular like too much eye-candy, as I prefer function over form, but a little eye-candy never hurts. I'm running Windows XP by the way.

Virtual Desktop Applications:

  • Shock 4Way 3D - I am currently using this as it works really well. You can configure the eye-candy settings to your liking and all, and can pretty much configure each virtual desktop separately. Sending of windows from one desktop to another is also possible, although you'd have to use the built-in screen manager to do so. I'd liked it more if I could just right-click on an existing window and have some sort of "send to" function. One gripe I have is that this application can take up to 40MB of RAM, which can be an issue for some people. There are various other Shock software on the website, although I haven't tried them.
  • Virtual Desktop Manager - One of Microsoft's PowerToys. It works, although it is pretty basic. It might be more suited to your needs than the above depending on what you want. Give it a try =).
  • Desktops - By Sysinternals (now part of Microsoft). I've tried it and it works well, but I still prefer Shock 4Way 3D.


  • TaskSwitchXP - A really good Alt-Tab alternative. It makes Alt-Tab more useful by giving much more information =).
  • Taskbar Shuffle - Ever wanted to re-arrange the order of the taskbar buttons, like how you can re-arrange tabs in Firefox?
  • allSnap - I love how windows snap to the edge of the screen or to one another in Ubuntu. It just gives a more organized feeling. allSnap provides that function in Windows.


  • Dropbox - More of a service than an application, it allows you to store files very easily. Check out the site for more information. The bad: It might not be free once out of beta.

Alright, I guess that's about it =). Hope you find these stuff useful! And...

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