Back From Desaru Fruit Farm Trip

Hi all, in case some of you didn't know, or forgot (like DF and Pate), I went to Desaru yesterday morning with my maternal family. I left home around 8.30AM, and then set off to Changi Ferry Terminal, where I took a ferry to Belungkor Ferry Terminal in Malaysia. Once there, there was a minibus that happened to fit all 14 of us. Anyway, ALL pictures are taken with my trusty N95 8GB, as I forgot to bring my digital camera (because I woke up nearly late). Lol.

Even if my friends forget, I don't forget, so here's the FIRST picture I took once I reached Malaysia:

30112008151 (Large)
Plate No. Of Minibus

Be thankful it's not 85. I can't believe, even in Malaysia, DF wants to "disturb" me. We went on to Desaru Fruit Farm for an educational tour, and it was interesting to learn many new things =P.

30112008152 (Large) 
Dragon Fruit! I love eating the white variant of it. The red one looks too weird to be eaten.

30112008157 (Large)
Chili Padi. Nothing amazing actually =P.

30112008158 (Large)
No idea what it's called in English, it's some banana. Anyway, in Hokkien, they call it "Gong Tao Jiu/Jiao" or something. The tour guide said that this banana is frequently used in black magic. My family members said the same thing.

30112008160 (Large)
Papaya Tree.

30112008161 (Large) 
Thought it looked kind of nice.

30112008163 (Large)
Custard Apple

30112008164 (Large) 
Beautiful fish pond.

30112008166 (Large)
With A LOT of Koi. A LOT.

I went on to take some exhibits on their kampong history.

30112008167 (Large) 30112008168 (Large)

30112008169 (Large)

30112008170 (Large)

30112008171 (Large)

30112008172 (Large)

30112008173 (Large)

^_^. After that, I went on to:

30112008174 (Large) 
Take a picture of the Koi pond again!

30112008175 (Large)
Just snapping away.

30112008176 (Large)
Blackcurrant (I think). You can literally smell Ribena.

30112008177 (Large)  30112008178 (Large)
Jambu? (Water Apple?)

After seeing a lot of plants, we went on to the mini-zoo section in the Desaru Fruit Farm. You see mostly kampong animals, and there's this cool monkey:

30112008179 (Large) 

30112008180 (Large)

Basically, he snatches away the drinks if you offer it to him, and he drinks it.

30112008181 (Large)

30112008182 (Large) 

30112008183 (Large)

30112008184 (Large) 

30112008185 (Large)

30112008186 (Large)

30112008187 (Large)

30112008188 (Large)

30112008189 (Large) 
Fighting Chicken

After walking around, I went back to the monkey, and caught him drinking with a draw! Unfortunately, by the time I snapped:

30112008190 (Large)
He had taken out the straw.

30112008191 (Large)
And is once again, drinking.

30112008193 (Large)

30112008194 (Large)

We then had buffet lunch at the Fruit Farm itself. The food was good, and I saw a lot of Singaporeans. It was also during then that I decided to sms some of my friends about the monkey, because it was really cute. And I got a really nice reply that I'm drunk in the afternoon =(. I also saw one monkey helping another to dig his ear =\. The fruit juice at the fruit farm was NOT good as they all left a bitter aftertaste. Apparently, the skin is part of the fruit juice as well. Imagine just grinding an entire orange (with the skin), and drinking it. It's not that bad, but it's NOT good.

After lunch, we went to our resort, The Pulai.

30112008196 (Large)

The room I shared with my grandfather:

30112008197 (Large)

30112008198 (Large)

30112008199 (Large)

30112008200 (Large)

30112008201 (Large)

30112008202 (Large)

30112008203 (Large)

30112008205 (Large) 
My Baby Cousin

We went for dinner around 5PM. Dinner was good! Anyway, after dinner, we went to Sungei Lebam to see fireflies! It was awesome. You sit in a boat (in a river, of course), and by the sides are the trees (which have a lot of fireflies). Managed to catch some in my hands, but of course, released them back into the wild. Some trees look like Christmas trees =P. Unfortunately, my trusty N95 was unable to capture ANYTHING at all in that darkness. However:

30112008207 (Large)
The boat (person facing it) we sat on.

That marks the end of Day 1. Educational trip, really fun =P.

For Day 2 (Today), we went to some museum in the morning (can't remember the name), where I snapped some photos:

01122008208 (Large) 

01122008209 (Large)

01122008210 (Large)

01122008211 (Large)

01122008212 (Large)

01122008213 (Large)

01122008216 (Large)

01122008217 (Large)

After the museum trip, we took our bus to Desaru Fruit Farm for lunch:

01122008218 (Large) 
Different bus. I guess the JLB bus was too dumb to be used.

01122008219 (Large) 

After lunch, my grandfather, mother, and I were driven to Belungkor Ferry Terminal where we boarded the ferry home, while the rest of my family members went back to The Pulai for one more day!

Throughout the trip, my aunt and her husband were recording almost everything on video, and thus, we didn't take any photos of ourselves, except for one which my mum took of me (at the museum):

01122008215 (Large)

I should add that The Pulai has awesome beds. I slept with no problem at all! Haha. It was a short and fun trip =)!

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