Results will be out exactly a week from now, and the holidays have been really boring so far. I can't seem to kick the habit of sleeping late, although I've been trying (and failing most of the time). To add to that, I haven't been accomplishing many of the goals I've set for myself this holiday, mainly because some last minute shit will always crop up that completely screws my schedule up.

But I'm to blame, because at the end of the day, I'm in control. I just hate it when my schedule's not going according to plan, and tend to let it affect me a little more than necessary. I've been exercising quite a lot, but I can't really jog as my old injuries seem to be acting up. I'm still hoping to be able to get to Genting before school starts =).

Anyway, a lot of things are affecting me, or rather, I've been letting a lot of things affect me unnecessarily (again). An idle mind is the devil's workshop, as they say, and it's really true. I should seriously do something about my life now.

Sometimes I wish people would care more about others, and sometimes I wish that upon myself too. Feeling disappointed, but it's okay because life's full of ups and downs.

Wish me luck for my results =)!

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