I've been planning to buy a Fujitsu T5010 Tablet over the past month, as I felt that my current laptop was simply too slow/unresponsive, especially when I play my mp3s and do my work concurrently. Although I've always suspected it to be a hard disk issue, I also felt that it might be due to the sound card itself. I got this laptop (Compaq C744TU) for a very low price during one of the StarHub deals, and my mum actually bought it for me as a preparation for Uni. Thus, I've also held myself back from buying a new one, and it's quite good to begin with. Unless you're seriously into gaming, which I'm not, the C744TU should suffice for some programming, and everyday tasks.

Anyway, I went to NUS IT CO-OP on Monday, hoping to purchase the Tablet PC. I'm quite disappointed with the service, as one lady told me there were stocks, and another lady came up with some reason as to why she can't sell them to me although there were stocks. I can accept the reason, I can also accept/ignore the fact that she's not honouring her colleagues word, but I can't take her screwed up attitude. I don't want to elaborate too much. Let's just say that it takes a lot for an AUNTIE to piss me off, and even then I didn't lose my temper at her. The worst thing was when I made a phone call later on to confirm when the stocks would be coming, her tone was ridiculously rude.

I always believe that things happen for a reason, and thus, it seemed like I was given more time to do something about my C744TU. Yesterday, I decided to reformat and set up the whole system, but it just kept giving me errors (during installation). I thought it was the CD, so I tried another one, still giving me errors. It was extremely frustrating when I just slipstreamed SP3 into the school's MSDN XP (which is SP2), and I can't install -_-. So I decided to install Vista (which was the original OS with this laptop), and it didn't work as well. I figured it had to be the hard disk, and soon enough, I heard weird sounds from the computer (hard disk).

Thus, I went out today to buy a Seagate Momentus 5400.5 320GB HDD, installed Vista on it, and everything's smooth so far! It seems I might not need to get the tablet PC after all (although I REALLY want to own a tablet). The need just isn't there for now =).

Things always happen for a good reason, you just need to give it time to see the goodness of it. Haha =). Maybe I should thank that attitude-problem auntie.

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