It's been a really busy week for me. Last week was equally busy. Thankfully, next week won't be. I've managed to clear most of my teaching sessions successfully so far. Haha. The only MAJOR problem left is DSA. I'm doing File I/O, with Willie. Lol... It's really tough. I need to know SLL, Stack, Queue, and just about every single data structure out there for File I/O. Damn =(. On a lighter note, I'm feeling so bored now that I'm working out. Lol. Just taking a short break now. Anyway, go over to Geraldine's blog, on the lower right side of my site. There's a nice poem down there.

Ultimate contradiction of the day:
superstitions are made up because of human's lack of faith in the divine. if we had solid faith, then there wldn't be the need to adhere to all these superstitions, wld there? we would trust in God and in turn, He'd pave the way for us. superstitions or not.

Lol. To the person writing this, feel free to message me, but I've to protect my own religion. I thought you were a friend... Anyway thanks for being there at times.

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