Monday's papers were crap. Should be able to pass MSD, but I doubt I'll score. On the other hand, DMSD's... A goner, I think. Thankfully yesterday's paper (BUSSP) was ok. I think I could've done better though, if I hadn't spend most of yesterday's morning talking shit in the library. Lol.

Well, can't blame anyone else but myself, too much stuff on my mind. Just got to work hard for the remaining 3 papers. COMPCOM later on, followed by the 2 killer papers, DSA and EWA on Thursday =(.

Someone please lend me your brain for a few minutes, mine isn't working! Damn, normally I would've the term break to look forward to after the term tests, but my break isn't a break at all! I need all the sleep I can get =(. Alright, off to study COMPCOM now!

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