Life So Far

Hi all, sorry for the lack of updates. Haven't exactly got the time to update recently. Hm... School-life-wise, I guess things are more or less fine. Fine, but not good. Got back 2/6 results so far, and they're okay =). Other than the term tests, there's a lot of extra stuff going on right now, such as the Open House. So far so good too, I hope. Let's take a look at what happened over the last week or so...

Term Break
Lol. No break at all. None. Nothing! DAMN. From Monday to Wednesday was the CENT Club retreat. Well, it's sort of a break, but I almost didn't sleep at all! Lol. Raj, Maclean, and I think Gregory are in the same boat as me. We played cards through the night. Even when our eyes were closing our hands were active shuffling the cards. The place itself is nice. Aloha Loyang, 14. Big and spacious. But I hate it. The mosquitoes there are evil. I reached the place at 3am on Tuesday night, together with Gregory, due to us doing some Arts Appreciation project stuff before that. By 6am I had killed 3 mosquitoes! Anyway, the retreat was ok, but I was seriously superbly worn out by then to even enjoy. Well, some issues/problems were also brought up during the retreat, hope our club settles it as soon as possible.

Anyway, the ESC treasurer, Joefucker, is really irritating. Damn. I meant Joel. Sorry ^_^. My fellow friends should know why. Lol.

So basically, from Monday to Wednesday it was all fun, but no sleep. So no fun. Lol =P. Also, I went back to school with Gregory on both Monday and Wednesday, thanks to Arts Appreciation, but here's something good...

On Thursday, all of us decided not to go for the ESC ALP. Well, I've a CDS presentation, and although I must admit I can go for the ALP before and after that, I felt it was rude. And I was also very tired. Gregory followed me of course =P. On to the Arts Appreciation presentation... Our tutor, Hernie, was very happy with our presentation. Yay ^_^. Hard work paid off. So there you are thinking, what about Friday?

Well, Friday was the day I was looking forward to. My own event! Together with Jeremy, Maclean, Gregory and Ming Fu. However, Maclean couldn't stay throughout the day due to some personal problems =(. A big thanks to Jeremy for his help. The event went quite smoothly. I'm quite happy with it, considering it's my first time. Nevertheless, there's always room for improvement. I've already thought through it and found some things which could've been better and whatnots =).

On to Saturday... I had two birthdays to attend. One was Hers, the other one was my HDK Joven's. Lol. Anyway, I could only meet her for a short while due to some reasons, but it was nice nonetheless, although my attitude towards her was pretty bad =(. Sorry! Hope you like that small gift =). After that, I went to meet Kelvin and Joven at Tampines for dinner. Lol. Kelvin and me acted like we forgot about Joven's birthday =P. He seemed out of sorts that day, so Kelvin wanted to give him a surprise. Hong Wen joined us later on, with brand new tinted glasses. As usual, he's "fierce" =P. Well, we went to Boon Tiong's house after that and celebrated and stuff. Hope Joven was happy. Nono, hope he still is. You must open the door ;). Sorry about the lack of a present, I'm seriously broke =P. Be thankful for the punches. Lol ^_^. I'm SO NOT looking forward to my birthday now. I'll probably break a bone or two.

And then... Sunday. I honestly hoped I could at least rest on this day, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to meet Willie for our File I/O presentation, which was due on Tuesday. Thankfully, we managed to complete 90% of it within that day ^_^.

Fast Forward To This Week
On Monday I got BUSSP results. Stupid Willie told me I got an A. I checked and I also saw an A. But the truth was, it's not an A. It's a B+ =(. Well, guess I should work harder =).

Then on Tuesday... Was Her actual birthday, and I actually forgot about it. I'm sorry. I even lost my temper at her. Damn. Sorry! I didn't mean to =(. I've already talked to you about it, right? Hehe ;). I also got back my DSA, rather happy with it =).

So there's my life for the past week or so. See you people around soon! Wish me luck for the rest of my results! Especially in 7 hours time. Mr. Barnabus' DMSD. I'm screwed for this paper.

PS: A f*cking mosquito just bit me =(.

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