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Appreciate the little things in life... Or you probably won't find any happiness in anything. When big things do happen, chances are, they're big in a bad way. Like breaking up with a loved one. Like failing all your papers. What about the good things? When was the last time you felt really happy, because something great happen? The last time you laughed was probably due to some crap joke your friends made. It's just a small thing, but it lightens your mood. I've no idea what I'm saying here.

What's with all the people behaving like someone they aren't? If you're weak, just admit it and grow stronger. Don't act strong. You aren't. Seeing you struggle makes me laugh, yet it pains my heart. I've tried to help, but you deny everything. You whine about everything, but there're so many others who're suffering more than you. Have some respect for others for fuck's sake. Yes, I use vulgarities freely, whether my parents are present or not. It's fun at times. But there're times when I use it because I simply can't think of any other word to use. My vocabulary is limited. So I simply replace whatever I CAN'T think of with a "fuck" to represent my anger. And this is one of them. Don't talk what you can't walk.

I was reading a friend's blog recently, and she was posting about how tainted humans are and everything else. Sadly, as a male, I agree with her. Sometimes I wish I could be more like some of my friends, but then that wouldn't be me. Call me conservative or whatever, but I was brought up with like this. I can joke about anything, insulting or not. But I find it hard to accept that there're females who're proud of being bitches, and males who're proud of being playboys. And whatnots. Morals, to a certain extent, is just what you FEEL is right. The truth is, what's right and wrong, ultimately, depends on the society. In ancient Greece it was common for young boys to give older men sexual favours. Try doing that now.

Many people are giving in to society's norms, although deep down inside, they might not agree with it. Why? So they can be labelled "trendy", "fashionable", etc. Label ^_^. Which is the real you? The "trendy" guy who wakes up early every Monday to Friday, just to spend one hour deciding on what to wear, styling your dyed-till-damaged hair, before leaving for school? Or the "untrendy" guy who wakes up late every Saturday morning, doesn't even bother to brush his teeth, and simply has his breakfast, etc. Personal grooming is important, being a retard isn't.

I just wish the society I live in could be a bit more conservative, a bit less realistic. I'm a dreamer by nature. But I intend to make my dreams come true. Why is society, instead of teaching abstinence, encouraging the use of condoms?

Some parents nowadays are bringing up their daughters to look like hookers. Then again, what will this post do? Even if I were to write a post similar to this every day, nothing will change. Do you date a girl so you can lay her, or do you honestly want to get to know her better? Do you want a guy for who he is, or is it just for his money?

"The biggest weapon against impurity is our will power. We cannot expect ourselves to be chaste on a date if we are not chaste in all other areas of our lives. When we go on a date, rather then using the time to kiss and to touch, why not work on building a relationship? Work on a hobby, go on a nature walk, or get involved in group activities with other like-minded couples. Sit down and have long discussions with one another. There's more to compatibility then sex."
Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/commentary/20040724-105246-5663r.htm

I've nothing else left to say. I'm lost as well.

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