Sometimes I really hate my life, and everything else. Then again, if life was smooth, it would be boring, wouldn't it? I wish I could be richer, wish I could be more optimistic, but well, I can't. With money, I could probably do a lot of things I otherwise cannot. I can get whatever I want. All the materials in the world. I could also donate to charity, although I wonder if I'll do that if I'm really rich. This world's a mystery, I don't really see any humanity left in humans. Girls who're proud of being bitches ^^. You're better off in the streets, crawling on all fours. A bitch is a female dog, isn't it? You live a life only for yourself, I wonder what you're even living for. Is proving that females are equal/stronger than males that important? Lol. In spite of that, you preach about the world being unfair, etc. Then fucking accept it and stop complaining. Stop contradicting your words. I don't really believe in a God. But I do know males and females, like everything else, have their own strengths and weaknesses. In the end, you're just another weak human being hiding beneath a pretty face. Just like I am. You have more pride in your make-up skills than your cooking skills, more pride in your "boyfriend" and "friends" than your family. Then go ahead, put on the make-up, and kill yourself. You can die beautiful. So that the world looks upon you and remember you as a beautiful girl. So that no one ever knows what you really want or desire, including yourself. Are appearances really that important? When was the last time you bothered to give someone a second chance?

You talk about your Almighty God, but no one listens. Look at yourself. I have a hard time believing God exists when I look at you. A nice and pretty face, so sweet. Yet beneath all that, you're hollow. Empty. To say you've a black heart is an insult. You probably lack a heart to begin with. No one really cares what you blog on your fucking site, just like no one bothers what's here. Lol. You talk about loving your boyfriend, and shit, but you don't even love your parents. Your own flesh and blood. How is your boyfriend even close to that? Other than some semen here and there, of course. Damn, but then again, how many boyfriends have you had? It must be really interesting if sperms had brains.

"Hi there, I'm A's sperm."
"Oh hi, I'm B's sperm. I lost my comrades and am now alone."
"Haha what a loser. I've a longer tail and a bigger head than you."
"Alright, comrades, leave this loser alone. Let's infiltrate the egg."

Unfortunately, sperms don't last too long within the female body. Unless of course she does it often enough. Hehe.

Anyway, this is just some random crap. Good night.

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