Life Life LIFE!

Instead of my father fetching me from Sim Lim Square, my uncle did instead ^^. Heh. Anyway, his kindness shocked me. While waiting for me and Tiong Guan (slowly carrying the monitor and whatnots down), a bunch of Westerners approached him and asked him for some help in transporting some stuffs to World Trade Center. And he actually agreed. So after my SLS trip, I had a ride to WTC, before going home. When those Westerners wanted to pay my uncle, he simply refused. Seriously. That's very kind ^^!

I bought a 19" Samsung 997MB (DF was out of stock), and a 120GB Hitachi HDD. And guess what? I just found out my 40GB HDD is NOT spoilt after all. The S.M.A.R.T error disappeared after doing a "low-level format" with Maxtor's PowerMax. Actually it's not a real LLF, but PowerMax states so, so yeah. Haha ^_^. So I set everything up, and... I LOVE SAMSUNG! Hahaha. It's really good. 19" of pure visual quality. Heh =P. Tiong Guan was complaining and SERIOUSLY wanting to get a new monitor after that.

Back to the SLS trip, it was a good/bad day. Everything I wanted to buy was OUT OF STOCK at Fuwell. But when I went around the other shops, I managed to get them at cheaper prices!

Ok. Fast forward to today. My Dad came over and changed the position of my keyboard drawer. My desktop looks so much nicer now. Hopefully everything will be completed by tomorrow. Yay.

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day to all the couples out there. Stay loving, stay sweet, stay together, but don't stay inside for too long. Lol =).

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