I thought things were fine yesterday night? After all the talking and promises, you went ahead and do things you warned me not to. You were supposed to talk to him to settle stuff today, but did you? Instead, I saw you mixing with people I thought were friends. I don't remember doing anything to them, but all of them gave me the cold shoulder. Just because you want to "LIVE A NEW LIFE", you're breaking up more friendships than needed. It's fine with me, because from this I can see who're the real friends. But you don't even keep your word.

Why is she involved? I wonder. Honestly, someone who has only heard one side of the story should keep quiet. Don't side someone for no reason just because he's your boyfriend. And both of you, lovely couple, think I'm playing you all? Manipulator? STOP WATCHING YOUR MOVIES AND WAKE UP. The whole incident is nothing at all. Just got to talk through things, but Miss, you're saying that talking through things is useless because if it works it would have a long time ago. So in this case, are you giving up hope on us? Or are we giving up hope on you. One year in age difference is nothing, but I will willingly compare what I've been through with you. I know friends who've been to Hell and back. Don't act all-knowing, seriously. I don't respect girls the way I did back then. Unless you're someone important.

I'm playing you, eh? I'm not the manipulator? I used to think this way back then, but in this end, it's all based on assumption. Why don't you pull yourself out of the picture and see for yourself how things really are? The ones running away are the two of you. You even said that yourself to me over the phone. About being a coward and not wanting to do anything about it.

When I saw your blog, I thought of giving this circle of "FRIENDS" one more try. I swear to whatever God you believe in. But hey, you chose to destroy it, in spite of what you said last night.

This will hopefully be the last time I make posts like this. You, as a friend, are disappointing. Giving me your word around 2am last night, and breaking it the moment I see you in school. Honestly. If you think I'm wrong, find me personally. I will willingly tell you whatever I've done, or not done. Don't listen to your newfound friends. Lastly, thanks for making me an outcast. Go on sitting, go on whining. And to the Miss, if you're truly unhappy, please clear your ALREADY BIASED mind before talking to me, or sms-ing me. Bugis. Lol... ^_^. HDKs, I MIGHT NEED YOUR HELP SOON! LOL. Have a good day people =).

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