Sexciting Club

I was talking online with Raj, Gregory, and Evelyn, and this thought struck my mind. Instead of having students from all over Singapore trying to do hanky panky stuffs in all the little areas, which we all know are common, why not form a club that finds the TRULY SECRET areas, and let these students know?

We all know the common places. Stairs, buses, MRTs. I name it, you KNOW it. Isn't it disturbing to see such stuffs in public? Even worse, and BE HONEST, if you're with your girlfriend, you sort of lose control after seeing these stuffs. Moreover, these incidents will taint the purest of minds and hearts, such as I was.

As such, I propose to have a club with the name of "Sexciting Club". Why "sexciting"? Because, to most people, sex is exciting. Doing in the most public of places add to the thrill. However, the main reason is the EXCITING nature of being a MEMBER.

What do you have to do as a member? Firstly, you'll be assigned to a particular region of Singapore, AND SCOUT the area completely for a "secret spot". Of course, you'll have a partner of the opposite sex with you, so you can test out how good that spot really is. The rule is, THE PLACE MUST NOT BE A BUSY PLACE. Why? OUR SLOGAN IS:

"Protect the innocent, please the corrupted."

So you see, we're doing this with the objective to help others, and to a large extent, make everyone happy.

Back on topic, after finding and testing a particular "secret spot", you'll then have to report to ME, as I'm the founder of the club. I'll then personally go down to that "secret spot" with one of my personal twenty girls, and test that area out. Areas will then be graded accordingly. The ones with the best grades will belong only to us, MY MEMBERS! What about the other areas?

Well, the other areas will be made known to the public through the use of monthly newsletters. They must subscribe and contribute a yearly fee of just $10. Active members will be promoted into the executive committee, and become my direct subordinate. Useless members will be given faked newsletters that will surely result in them getting dumped by their partner.


For people who're interested in joining, feel free to leave a message in my tagboard with your contact details. Even better, submit a "secret spot" to me and you'll automatically be enlisted. Of course, show yourself doing what you did at the "secret spot" so I know what you look like. Videos and photographs are both accepted.

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