The past two days have been really hectic. I'm really tired, and yet I've to stay up to finish a lot of stuff. From the Open House reports to my school projects. It's already 2am now. I'm supposed to reach school by 9am tomorrow. At least I will be able to sleep more today. For the past two days I've been sleeping at 5am and waking up at 7am.

From the Open House event, I've really learnt a lot. I'm going to learn from the experiences, and grow stronger. Now I finally understand why people look down on Engineering students. Just look at the way they carry themselves. I personally REALLY ENJOY my polytechnic life, and yes, I'm in Engineering. I'm sure some of my friends are enjoying their polytechnic life as well. However, a large number of students actually come here not to study, but to get out. It's sad. It's not like it's free education. You're paying for it. Or your parents are. Yet you come school everyday, whine about how tough school life is, sleep during lectures, talk crap during tutorials and labs, take longer breaks than allowed, don't study during examinations, and complain that Temasek Polytechnic sucks. I think you suck more. Seriously.

I know a couple of friends who aren't doing very well in school. Even then, they try their best, take part in various school actitivies, are responsible for themselves, and lastly, try to enjoy polytechnic life. Instead of sitting around, whining, and not doing anything. TP, like any other school, is bound to have good and lousy lecturers. Find a school with nothing but good teachers =). Remember the incident in RJC whereby a teacher literally insulted a student as though he's worth nothing?

And because some of our lecturers suck, you whine about how all the lecturers suck. Yeah, live your life with EXCUSES! How brave. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Challenge yourself. Achieve something. Isn't that much more meaningful?

What I've said doesn't apply to just TP Engineering students, but students in Singapore. I love slacking too. Ask any of my friends. But when you've to study, study. Simple as that. Guess I'll leave it here.

Anyway, back to Open House. It seems this year isn't as happening as last years. Not just in ENG, but throughout TP =(. Please come to TP! Haha =P. For those who happened to read Maclean's blog, he's lying. I am NOT a "chee hong". Hahahaha ^_^. I was just doing my job, right? =D

Yay I found a very good site on being a leader. Some good points too. I should put some of them into practice soon. http://www.inquiry.net/outdoor/games/leadership.htm.

To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow. Some of my friends already know why. Hope things run well...

You don't demand respect, you command respect. Yay. I learnt a new thing!

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