Just finished most of my teaching notes... =). Currently taking a break listening to the song in the previous post. It's really nice. Anyway, just want to post some thoughts.

To Her parents, one day when you all have crossed the line, don't expect me to keep quiet. All I ever wanted was to be happy with her. That was back then. Now we're just friends, and is it wrong for friends to go out? Yes, the attraction is still there, but what have I done wrong to you? I really wished I could call and tell you all that I'm going to write here, but if I do, she'll be the one getting the scolding. To think I've helped fix your computer and whatnots so many times. I even sat beside you, Mr. I-Want-To-Chop-Your-Leg during Chinese New Year. If I'm not wrong that was in 2002. We were playing Blackjack! Damn you. And the moment you found out she's my girlfriend you all forget everything? I've never seen people as weird as you. You aren't unique, you're downright weird. When she comes out with me, to catch a movie, to the park, etc., and she returns home HAPPY, you've to say "How come you so happy? Meet him again right?" And ultimately, you always end with "Don't meet him anymore." And auntie, I don't owe you a thing. When she quarrelled with you, and I told her to apologise, I WASN'T INTENDING ON PLEASING YOU. I didn't even want you to know I was involved. But what did you do? When she apologised, you went "Aiyah ask YC don't act." Smart? Numerous times I wanted to thank you for letting her come out with me, but each time I was wrong. Because before I could thank you, you had to whine and complain to him, and poor her will get ALL the scolding. To both of you, back then I was weak. I'll admit that. But I was still able to reason with both of you well enough. And I didn't want to speak up because I don't want to end up quarrelling with both of you. You only want to satisfy your EGO. Uncle, you didn't even have the guts to tell me you wanted to chop my leg off. You told your son and daughter to tell me. It's scary. If I ever get attacked in public, I'll know who to find. Thank you for the information. Auntie, you came all the way to my house early in the morning, at 8.30am, thinking she was at my house. DIDN'T your husband fetch her to school already? Which part of your brain isn't working right? And I opened the door for you to come in, you didn't want to. And both of you don't even respect MY father. If I did something wrong, just tell me directly. Stop with your OBVIOUS acting. It's irritating. And yes, I'm not putting some information here for the sake of protecting her. Unlike you. And right now I AM SIMPLY FRIENDS WITH HER. Even then you forbid her from coming out with me. You think you're great or something? Be thankful she's even obeying you. Other girls would've rebelled. You pray to your God at Novena Church every Sunday, for what purpose? And I know, you once told my friend's parents you don't have time for God. Hypocrite. My father always told me to respect the two of you as parents, and I've always tried that. I know you care for her, but this isn't the way. She's already honest to you, yet you distrust her every word. If you don't allow her to watch a movie with me, just tell her. Why allow, only to give her a severe scolding when she returns home? And if you really think you're right, I would gladly post whatever I can remember of THAT FATEFUL DAY I met the both of you, on this blog. Or anywhere else. And let the world judge for themselves.

"If you really love her, leave her for 5 years and return later." Hello? Can someone explain this to me? "The later you marry, the longer you last." YEAH. Don't marry then, you'll last forever. And you said this knowing my parents are divorced. Clever insult.

Because one day when she's sad, know this: I wasn't the one who wanted all this to happen. It's the two of you. All I am asking for right now, is some explanation. What did I do wrong? To Her, I really wish some day your parents will understand you the way you want them to. And maybe, treat you more like an adult. Sorry for all the trouble I've caused.

Note: I know some of you are going to say I don't have the guts to tell them directly. Think what you want. Because unlike you all, I swallow my ego when needed.

On another note, to a certain someone who listened to me whining, thank you. I hope you get well soon =).

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