Deep Trouble

Lol, thanks to the HDKs, I ended up not studying at all yesterday, and I still haven't studied. Basically, I went to the school library to study with Maclean and the rest yesterday, but I reached only at 4pm or so. And they left at 4.45pm. So before I could settle down, it was time to go. After that, we went to Century Square's arcade for some Outrun 2, before I went to McDonald's with Maclean. Andrew called to tell us he was leaving, and that the rest were still playing games. Anyway, didn't see any of them after that except for Gregory. Saw ALMAN while with Maclean! Haha. Mr. Alman, you've grown BIG. Lol ^_^. Glad to see you're doing well.

Basically, I came home after that. Wanted to study, but thought of going over to Boon Tiong's house to study with him. Lol. Things didn't turn out that way though. I ended up talking to Joven and Hong Wen about some stuff, with Boon Tiong playing this Chinese war game. Later on, Boon Tiong joined us, and we talked about some crap. Stuff for intelligent people, according to Hong Wen. Anyway, Boon Tiong literally fell asleep while we were talking! There goes my studying session with him. Since Hong Wen, Joven, and me were still DAMN awake, we decided to leave and come to my house instead. I was supposed to study while they use my computer, but in the end we ate and talked some more. Slept around 5am. Woke up at 2pm or so. Joven's late for work. Lol. Hong Wen went home to sleep. And I, WANTED to study, but I already promised my mother I would go to that Robinson's Sale with her. And I just got home, with both subjects for tomorrow untouched. This is challenging!

Also talked to my mother and father regarding some problems that're affecting me, and they both gave similar advice. So I'll listen to them. They're probably right =). This shows that even when divorced, they still share similar thoughts! ^_^

Good luck to my friends who're taking the term test this week. I'll be away from the computer, at least I'll try. Bye bye.

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