Well well. This was some * conversation between me and Dian yesterday. No offense to any girls, please take it lightly =).

DN: "If you think her pussy is smelly, you should smell her mouth!"
YC: "More like they switched places due to it being unused for too long, and the pussy is now rotting away in place of the mouth."
DN: "Lol."


Drknz & YC
Drknz: "Dumbass, concentrate on what you really want."
YC: "I don't know what I want anymore..."
Drknz: "Weren't you so sure of achieving your goal? It's been a smooth journey so far, why are you stopping?"
YC: "As smooth as the journey is, I haven't exactly been feeling too good about the things I've been doing."
Drknz: "When you've succeeded, then make up for everything. 'The Ends Justify The Means.'"
YC: "By then it'll be too late. The number of people I've hurt and are hurting are increasing on a daily basis."
Drknz: "People? Hurt? Do you mean your friends, or someone you love?"
YC: "I've no idea. Love? That feeling no longer exists in me."
Drknz: "No idea? You don't even know if some of them are friends! Yeah, someone like you doesn't have a need for love."
YC: "Wait. I love my friends too. Isn't that love? As in, real friends."
Drknz: "You know what kind of love you mean. The kind where you'll hug and whatnots, eventually it's... lust."
YC: "You're going way off topic here. But you're right in some way... Lust and love eh? I can't see the line differentiating them anymore."
Drknz: "You see what I mean? Just abandaon all these feelings. You don't need friends as well."
YC: "I don't care if I need friends or not, but I want to be there for them if they ever need me."
Drknz: "You're confused like hell."
YC: "Is hell confusing?"
Drknz: "Get serious. If you trust, always be prepared to be betrayed. If you love and want to be with someone, there's bound to be lust. And betrayal. A relationship cannot survive without trust. And you DON'T need these feelings. Just aim for your goal."
YC: "Then why the fuck do I feel weird? I feel empty."
Drknz: "Bear with it and achieve your goal. That's all that matters, no?"
YC: "I thought it was a yes... But now I don't know anymore."
Drknz: "You're lost aren't you?"
YC: "Lost? I don't know. If I know I'm lost I can at least find my way. But now I don't even know what to do."
Drknz: "Why don't you think about what you really want? You can always join me when you're ready."
YC: "Do I have any other choices?"
Drknz: "Yes, Light. But you can't believe in his beliefs can you? All that optimistic bullshit."
YC: "Yeah..."

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