Tonight I'm meeting Boon Tiong and the rest, and we're going to drink all night. Drink to our hearts' content! Hm, maybe I'll get all of them to give me 10 dollars then we can donate to the tsunami victims or something. I WILL try to get them to do it. Lol. Can't wait to go! Alright, see you people around. Everyone, please donate whatever you can to the tsunami victims =). Anyway, here's a really nice song (sorry to those who can't read Chinese):

Beyond - Love
传来的声音好熟悉 一个人好像在梦里
一直在想念你 远方的你不要哭泣
因为我从来没故意 伤害了你的心
你最爱问我 什么时候可以陪伴着你
你对我说过 不能入睡 太累 一个人太空虚
轻轻的呼吸 在耳边 你是否已陶醉在怀里
漫漫长夜里 拥抱你 我只想对你说
I Love you

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