Fucked Up Slacking

My initial plan was to slack all the way till March 12, and officially start working or finding jobs on March 13. Yet with each passing day I hate this boredom more and more. Why? Doing nothing in itself is fun. Nothing as in no work, no deadlines to meet. Just having fun. I started exercising again yesterday, and had a great time playing soccer with my friends today. On the other hand, I've been going to school since Monday, either for club meetings, or to do some project stuff. Project? Well, my project's already completed more or less, but I've to hand it over to my juniors who will be adding new features and whatnots. At the same time, I've to guide them and try to help them out. The juniors who took over my projects seem nice =). All these don't make me feel busy, when compared to my usual school life. In fact, I still feel like I've nothing to do. So why so I hate this nothingness?

You see, when you've nothing to do, your mind starts wandering. You start thinking of unnecessary stuff, or stuff that's been blocked out while you were busy preparing for your examinations. Generally, things that make you think usually make you sad. At least for me. Anyway, these are the exact words taken from my sister's blog:

since he`ll never change , ii`ll not change for his sake . ii remain as hhu ii was liikk the past . staying out every night . doing nothing , with no aim in life . haiis .

As you can see, her family doesn't matter. All that matters is what the BOY she "loves" wishes for. It's sad, but true. All she'll ever care about is stuff that doesn't matter at all at her age. I don't wish to elaborate any further. Also, as she wished, I've stopped contacting her altogether.

On another note, I really don't understand certain people. It's sad when you see segregation among your friends. Really. Whatever it is, I don't intend to give a shit anymore. When people say it's over, I think they usually don't mean it.

Lastly, there was a recent incident in SG that got all the males excited, maybe a few females as well. I don't want to act all gentlemanly and stuff, but the person involved probably never intended for this to happen, so stop all your almighty labelling of this person as "slut", "whore", etc. Seriously I would love to see your reaction if the person involved was related to you. Another thing to note is there were three people involved. The one who started all these, and the two people who never intended for this to happen. So why the fuck are you focusing all your attention on just one of them? Because she's a girl? I see people everywhere calling people who are defending this person to stop acting and whatnots. If watching something that is causing someone else to suffer brings you happiness, I don't want to know what kind of environment you grew up in. I'd bet your parents are either the same as you, or they wouldn't want to acknowledge you. Last but not least, I would never have wanted to blog about this at all, but the fact is some of the people I know are reacting in this fucked up manner as well, and the majority of the Singaporean male population as well. Anyway, I hope she's able to go on with life normally as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

=) hey man... how's it goin? according to your blog... not as fine as you would have liked it to be huh?... dunno if you have alerts for your comments section... but i'll write anyway... since i'll just make a fool of myself in your tag box ^^;

boredom is bad... very bad... it cuts down on creativity, as well as productivity, but that's just the technical stuff... and chances are, things you think about are going to be sad.. cause i'm like that as well...its not bad to wallow in the sad things... because it shows that you still give a damn... but too much of anything will be bad... so don't dwell on it longer than you should.

about your sis... i don't know.. i wanted to tell you maybe you should have tried listening to her problems and not telling her how you wish she was like... i'm not saying you didn't... just maybe you didn't try hard enough, but shit happens huh? don't give up on her ok? =) *of course i don't need to tell you this, duh~~! hahaha*

and about the p*rn incident... i don't know if my reaction has been appropriate... but i just learnt that the owners of the clip were not the ones who posted it up... but even so... i just felt that it was ridiculous that such a thing should happen/posted on the net.

but anyhow, anyway... take care huh? wish you and your ger happiness =P and i hope to see you around

-Sol... FF7 FoReVeR!