Stupid StarForce

Alright, I'm a little slow in blogging about this, but StarForce is a really irritating copy-protection software (Like SafeDisc, etc.). For more information, check out the following link:


Why am I blogging about it now, you might ask. I spend most of my time on the internet surfing techology/computing sites, and yesterday I came across an article on Neowin.net, which says that one of the administrators on the StarForce forums actually linked to a site, which provided the torrents for the game "Galactic Civilizations 2". GC2 does not make use of any anti-copying software, and the reason the stupid StarForce administrator linked to the site was to show that a game that is not copy-protected can be easily pirated.

Not only is what the administrator did illegal, it's downright childish. So if someone doesn't want to use your POS software, you simply link to sites where people can download them for free? Anyway, whether your game/application is copy-protected or not, it will always be pirated. Do a search and you'll see all the results. Being an administrator/moderator on the StarForce forums, I'm pretty sure this StarForce guy already knew about it, yet he linked to a torrent for GC2. For what? Seriously. If your games/applications are good, people will buy it. If you make shitty software, and no one buys it, don't blame it on piracy all the time. Maybe take a look at your software first.

I don't really feel like elaborating further. I will personally ALWAYS buy a good game, and although I haven't tried GC2, what StarForce did was stupid and dumb. Check out the Neowin.net thread HERE, and the stupid StarForce thread HERE. Anyway, the link has already been removed from the thread, but what the administrator did was ~!@#$. Last but not least, check out what StarDock (makers of GC2) had to say HERE.

Alright, that's all. I seldom blog about computing-related news, but this time round I just have to spread the news (at least to the people who read this blog, especially my friends) ^_^.

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