New Section + Other Stuff

Hi all, I've added a "Must Read!" section to the right. As you can see, it consists of the posts I find are more important, such as Grad Nite and stuff. Anyway, I promise I'll be updating with "The Past 3 Years (Part IV)", and "Grad Nite (Part II)" once I've the time. On another note, I got my examination results yesterday, and I did well! I'm really happy, it was one heck of a good surprise =)! To some friends who didn't do well, cheer up! Work hard and clear your supplementary papers! We'll all be there to help you =).

Lastly, I went to the IT Show today and bought a 250GB External Hard Disk. This brings the total capacity in my computer to around 500GB =P. Mostly anime and manga. I love them! Alright, off to sleep in a while. Good night everyone =).

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