There's No Comfort In The Waiting Room + Grad Nite

Hi all, the title of this post was taken from a Death Cab For Cutie song ^^. I'll post the lyrics later in this post =). Anyway, I believe all of my friends and everyone else from TP are anxiously waiting for their results. All the best to each and everyone of you!

Anyway, regarding the graduation night I had on Tuesday, it was great. The day started off like crap for me, and for Maclean as well. Honestly. Before I go on, let's first take a look at what was supposed to happen for us (Maclean and I) on that day:

  • Meet Mac In School At 1PM For Lunch

  • Meeting (Week Zero Orientation) In School At 2.30PM

  • Hope The Meeting Ends By 5PM

  • Meet Geri <3

  • Go For Graduation Night To Have Fun With Friends

That what's SUPPOSED to happen. Instead, nearly everything went wrong. Firstly, I woke up late, not late enough to meet Maclean late, but later than what I had intended. As if that wasn't bad enough, I had constipation, and sinus(istis). I seem to be having sinus recently =(. Anyway, I reached school around 2.15PM instead. Thankfully Mac wasn't angry. Before going to the club room where the meeting was supposed to be held, I went to buy NutriSoy. So, feeling a little happier, like a little kid receiving sweets, I stepped into the club room, and opened the NutriSoy. Before I could even drink, I heard, "EH NO DRINKING IN THIS CLUB ROOM, PLEASE GO OUT AND DRINK." I turned around, and it's one of my own juniors. Maclean was also in the room and I'm pretty sure he's fed up as well. Anyway, let's call this junior A. I already didn't feel very good due to my sickness, and due to being late, and I've to take this shit from a junior?

Look, hate it or like it, I am your senior. You might be older than me, but that's all. Even worse, I was the ex-President of the club. The least you could do was talk to me nicely. Anyway, go screw yourself in the head for suggesting a "No drinks" rule. Puck you, really. I don't want to use profanities, so just get the meaning and leave it at that. So, not wanting to create trouble, I went out of the club room to drink my NutriSoy. Ok, I'm lying. The problem was there are people from the Week Zero committee outside the club room, waiting for the meeting to start. Thus, I didn't want to cause a scene. This brings up another issue, what were you, A, and the other club members doing in the club room, leaving our guests outside the club room sitting? I also heard that one of the juniors, let's call him B, actually told the Week Zero committee people NOT to enter the club room till 2.30PM.

Anyway, after finishing my NutriSoy, I went back into the club room. Then I had to face another problem. B kept whining and blaming me for bringing more people to the Graduation Night. Firstly, I did not bring more people. These people wanted to come. Secondly, you all did not leave any means for others to contact you if they wanted to go for the Grad Night. I had to play part-time organizer together with Maclean to make sure all these people were able to come, and I have to face shit from you? Grad Night was supposed to be something FOR ME to enjoy, yet I've to help settle some things?

As you can see, the day started out very badly, with my own juniors showing complete disrespect to the people I know. It was sad. I'm going to go a little off-topic, but this club basically makes my TP life what it is today. A lot of things happened, and my committee fought so hard for a club room of our own, for the lockers, for so many things. For the good relations between the various Diploma Clubs. Yet after passing it on, all we see are pathethic assholes trying to create conflict within the club. There're a few people who are really nice in the new committee. In fact, too nice for their own good. Be a little tougher, really. You have the authority to do that. Be thankful you all have a really good advisor, whom we respect very much =).

Anyway, I went on for my meeting, and it was a great meeting. I enjoy being with this Week Zero committee very much. It's made up of a bunch of people who are very capable and enthusiastic about what they're going to do. The meeting ended sometime around 5PM. I then went back to the club room, rested a while (Or rather, lost my temper at two of my juniors who had nothing to do with what happened earlier. Sorry.), before going to meet Geri (with Mac, of course).

Along the way, one of our fellow friends called us, telling us he doesn't want to go because of some stuff. Anyway, I didn't exactly speak in a nice tone to him, so I passed the phone to Mac. He hanged up on Mac though =(. Anyway, the problem's now solved, and things are good =).

So I reached the place, ready to have fun albeit being a little pissed with everything...

(To Be Continued Another Day)

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