Pissed Off

Since I'm seriously pissed off with some stuff that I'd rather not mention for now, I've decided to think of all the irritating/stupid things that never fails to make me chuckle whenever I think about them. I don't bear grudges, in fact I find grudges stupid, and that's precisely why I'm able to laugh/joke about these things. Some people may find it offensive. No offense =). Real names might not be used to protect the identity of the person. Here we go...

- S T A R T -

1. Jack To Jill
Jack: "You should go on to university to have a proper life, since I took away much of your polytechnic life."

Explanation: Jill used to be a good friend of ours, but after getting together with Jack she's NOT allowed to talk to boys/guys. According to Jack, all guys are evil and have an ulterior motive, and he's the only pure one. To be honest I think Jill's a really sweet girl, but love is blind, as they all say.

2. Rambo To Me, Rambo To Nash
After seeing Rambo's nick on MSN once, I figured he was pretty unhappy with some of us (not me though), so I went to ask him.

Me: "Eh you angry with Dan? What happened?"

Rambo: "Aiyah he and Nash keep on disturbing me regarding me failing my test again."

Me: "Haha it's for the fun of it what. You should know them."

- End Of Conversation -

Around three weeks later, in a incident that involved Angel, Rambo, Nash, Dan, and myself (in which I was supposedly that one at fault and backstabbing everyone).

Rambo To Nash: "Aiyah I all along know YC don't like you all already."

Explanation: WTF? I barely commented on anything, if at all. What actually happened was Angel came to me telling me some personal stuff, and I simply gave him honest replies. I've no idea how the others interpreted it, but suddenly I'm wrong. Best of all, Rambo's suddenly good friends with Nash and Dan. Talk about saving your own ass.

3. Rambo To All
Rambo: "Hey can lend me $500? I need to help a friend. It's a life and death matter."

Explanation: He needed the money for some business of his own, and it had nothing to do with life and death. However, for the sake of money, LYING TO YOUR FRIENDS IS CORRECT!

4. Timmy To Me & Many Others
When I was in Year 1.1, I thought I found good friends, seriously. However, Timmy is a guy who liked to backstab Michael. Michael was a close friend of ours, and still is. Anyway, Timmy felt that Michael's lying about his background and all, for no apparent reason. So he decided to go around telling everyone this:

Timmy: "You don't find Michael to be bullshit? How about we all expose him one day?"

Naturally I told him not to play any games with me. Thankfully nothing happened. So much for friends. All because he felt. Something. It's funny because Michael and I really thought of him as a good friend, and he went around telling everything shit about Michael. Naturally, there are people who are born to be sheep, so yup, some simply followed blindly.

5. Yasmine To Angel
There was once my group of friends had a chalet, and we happened to be talking about Angel's recent change of attitude and stuff. To make it clear, whatever we talked about, we had already told him. We just wanted to know if there was anything we could do. Somehow, Yasmine (who was part of the conversation) felt that we were backstabbing Angel.

Anyway, what happened after that was that Angel decided not to be friends with us anymore (in a way), because we were backstabbing him. The funny thing is if we were backstabbing him, then what about Yasmine? Well, this is related to No. 2 as well.

- E N D -

Well, I guess that's all for now. Once again, this is all for the fun of it. Most of the problems mentioned have already been solved, and I'm pretty much on good terms with them all. If you find whatever's above offensive, I'd say, move on with life. Just for your information, the name's aren't generated by my brain randomly. They do relate to what think that person should be named (at the point in time the incident happened). For example, Yasmine might be a guy, for all you know =). Last but not least, sorry if you don't find this funny in any way, but it seriously makes me laugh. At how stupid we all can be sometimes. I'm sure some of my friends would find the humour in this as well =P.

Alright, good night people!

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