Grad Nite (Part II)

So I was saying, I reached the place. Anyway, before reaching Timbre (aka the place), I met Nicholas, Raj, Gregory, Roy, Tiong Guan, and a whole lot of other people at City Hall MRT Station. On the way there, I kept complaining to Geri (:X) about what happened. Sorry! Anyway, it was partially out of fun =P. After walking forever, we finally reached Timbre (around 7.45pm). Paid the money, signed a paper to show I'm there, and proceeded to sit. Some of our juniors (4 of them) performed throughout the night. Well, thanks =).

I was (again) rather pissed off when I saw A and B. But seeing the happy faces of all my friends there made me think twice before losing my temper or anything. Also, I saw many people I'd NEVER have expected to come, but they did. Although I didn't know them really well, it was good to see them. At the very least, it shows they bother about the course, right? Anyway, A was the emcee for the night, and damn, he's bad. Shan't comment too much. Went on to have some food, and it was pretty nice. OUT OF 4 dishes, I only managed to try 2. The other 2 were empty trays by the time I went there (buffet). Both were nice though. I ate beef after a very long time =X. Sorry =(. I was then called on stage to give a speech as the ex-President of CENT Club, and damn, I suck. I wasn't prepared at all. The very least that could happen was to let me know at 5 minutes beforehand! But no, I was just called up. Sigh. After giving a possibly worst speech I've ever given, I called Jeremy up. I think he too, was shocked, as his speech was short. No doubt it's better than mine though.

After that, we had some games and whatnots, and they were fun, although it wasn't handled very well. Soon after, some people started leaving =(. The resident band of Timbre then started performing, and they're rather good! This was when one of the most interesting/fun/enjoyable/memorable things of the night happened. Amir went up to play the drums! Although all of us know Amir's a drummer, I've personally never seen him play before. It was the first time, and he's pretty good! HEHE. Way to go man!

Around 10pm (or was it 11pm), we all left the place. Nicholas already left with his date earlier (to send her home). Anyway, Maclean, Amir, Rayhan, Raj, Gregory, Simon, and myself went on the East Coast Park. Geri (DARLING!), Terry, and Chin Ming shared the same cab and went home. Thanks to Chin Ming and Terry for taking care of Geri =P. We reached East Coast Park (McDonald's) around 12.30am, where Nicholas re-joined us. What went on for the rest of the night was...

Nicholas was telling us about his feelings for his date. Anyway, we talked a lot about it, and I'd say go for it man =). You've nothing to lose! On the contrary, all of us started lecturing (literally) Gregory on his weird taste for girls. I mean, come on, all your girlfriends so far are seriously... young =X. After chatting for some time, we decided to take a walk around East Coast Park, and sang songs along the way. We reached one of the huts after a while, where Raj, Simon, and Jeremy fell asleep. Raj snores really loud =X. Went on talking, singing, etc. till 5.30am or so, after which we went back to McDonald's for breakfast. Left the place around 6.30am. Shared a cab with Jeremy and Simon to Bedok Reservoir, where I went on to take bus 8 home, although I didn't pay a single cent. Thanks =P.

To end it, I'd like to thank all my wonderful friends for the past 3 years or so in TP. It was one hell of a journey. Maclean, who I know since the VERY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Gregory, who I know a few days after that. Also, people like Nicholas, Raj, Amir, and Rayhan, friends I got to know in Year 2! Not forgetting my weird SIP group, consisting of Wee Quan (aka Ng Barbie), and Willie (the Yuen). Also, friends like Roy, Andrew, and literally everyone else in CEN, thanks for all the times. Although shit has happened, I'm sure all of us have learnt to use a toilet paper to wipe it off, throw it into the toilet bowl, maybe enjoy/dread the smell for a while, and then flush it away. Thanks also to my juniors (all of you, even though I don't like some of you) for organizing the Grad Nite. Last but not least, to Mr. Clement Chew, who has been a very good lecturer and friend to me, and to all the CEN lecturers.

Thanks for all the times, I'll be re-living them from time to time, in the form of memories. Good ones, great ones, sad ones, bad ones, I won't forget them =).

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