During the time my computer was down, I realised a lot of things. Or rather, re-realised a lot of things. Everytime my friends' computers are down, I'll try to help them. If I can I'll go over to their place, troubleshoot, and try my best to fix things. I'm not trying to say I'm good or nice or anything, but the thing is, for a friend, I'll try my best. There're many times I've stayed till 2am++ just to fix a friend's computer, and then take a cab home. Paid by myself. I don't complain, nor mind. Yet, when my computer was down, the people that I thought could help me refused to. All I needed was to borrow their system for an hour or so. So I can test my own hardware in their setup. Yet they refused to. It's sad when your friends "appreciate" you this way. Well, well. Thankfully, some of my friends came to my rescue. You know who you are, thank you, really. If you hadn't lent me your system I would have never found out the problem. Thanks for taking the trouble to drive all the way here from your house.

To my dearest Geri, thanks for being so patient and watching me troubleshoot my computer instead of spending time with you. Sorry =).

I don't feel like writing much recently, so I'll leave it at this. Just wanted to express my gratitude to those who were there.

Note: My computer is a very important tool in my life. I use it for my programming, and for gaming. Even more importantly, it's my only way to contact some friends. Last but not least, I like news in general (be it technological, political, etc.), and I use the internet all the time to keep up to date.

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