Mothers' Day & Stuff

Mothers' Day has come and gone. Geri and I got my mum a couple of things. Firstly, I got her this really cute tissue box =P. Basically it's a monkey sitting on some cylinder thingy, and you put the tissues in the cylinder thingy. To take the tissues, you take it out from the monkey's p*nis! =P It's really cute. Will take a picture soon if I remember =). Secondly, Geri and I baked for her this chocolate cake. It was fun, although Geri did 99.5% of the work =P. Thanks Darling! Thirdly, Geri got her a rose as well =). I guess that's about it. It was fun though. Also, to celebrate the special occasion with my maternal grandmother, we went to eat at some steamboat restaurant called Happy Place (or something) in Bugis. The food was good, but I felt the price wasn't justified. Well it was really fun though. Had a good time eating. Sadly, my sister didn't come with us, and I don't think she got anything for my mother either =(.

I planned to get something for Geri's mum all along but kept forgetting =(. In the end, she said that we'd share the presents she got for her mum =). Basically, I think it's a blusher and a flower (rose?). Well, at least she got something! It's the thought that counts =P. Also, my mother helped me with the presents for both my paternal and maternal grandmothers. My paternal grandma got a towel, while my maternal grandma got bedsheets! With my mother's help =P.

It wasn't exactly a tiring day in itself, but I was pretty exhausted due to not having enough sleep the previous day. Anyway, during Mothers' Day, I suddenly wished my parents were back together. You know, usually dads help their kids in getting presents for their mums =). Nothing beats having a happy family, I think. Really. What could be better than having a HOME to return to? No matter how screwed up your day is, you return home to a family who is always there for you. Well, my parents are always there for me I guess, but not in a united kind of way. Haha =).

Anyway, that was Mothers' Day for me. An occasion that's supposed to be important. Sadly, in today's society, most kids don't give a shit anymore. I see people who're like 1 or 2 years younger than me having fun with their friends, and whatnots. Where's Mothers' Day for them? Thanks to various circumstances, both internal (family) and external (society), I've grown to REALLY DESPISE kids who:

1. Don't give a shit about their family.
2. Act tough with their scrawny bodies.
3. Act tough because they're like 20 years old while their friends are like 12? Big brother? More like childish =).
4. Cheapen themselves by dressing up in a way that says "I need you in me."
5. Spend EVERYDAY at the coffeeshop without giving a damn if their parents are worried or not.
6. Don't seem to think about their future. Basically, girls who seem to think that somehow a Mr Perfect is going to appear. Look, bitch, even if he appears, his parents are going to condemn you for being so useless. Also, you're going to bring suffering to him. Is this love? Next, guys who seem to think that somehow they'll make enough cash to survive. Yeah, it's pieces of junk like you that make your parents sad. You make enough money just to survive. At the age of 25, you're probably still depending on your parents, when you should be supporting them. It's your fault, because you DID NOT TRY.
7. Blames everyone else for everything but themselves.
8. Talk about love every single minute of the day as though it's the ONLY thing you need in your life.
9. Show off their extensive ex-girlfriends/boyfriends list, when the fact is they've relationships that are so pathetic it lasts only one day (maybe less), or relationships so useless they've been together for 4 years but do not know each other's birthday.
10. Believe that their friends are right in everything, and family wrong in everything. Talk about true friends and shit when they don't respect their family. Look, you bloody pieces of crap, it doesn't matter how fucked up your family is. The key word is, respect. Secondly, if you don't even value your own flesh and blood, how the fuck is it possible for you to value your friends?

I guess that's a quick summary. A message to all these assholes, wake up. You've a life, live it instead of spending it on your pathetic wants.

Next, I'd like to advertise a product called VSafe (some insecticide). I got to know about this product while browsing around in VR-Zone's forums the other day (LINK). I bought it today from NTUC after I saw this frigging cockroach in my room yesterday, that I tried to catch but lost it mysteriously. Anyway, I got the spray, sprayed my mother's room, and just about everywhere (walls, floors, ceilings), and started seeing many small insects crawling out. Finally, I decided to try in my room. I was just spraying on Geri's laptop bag, and I SAW THE FRIGGING COCKROACH on my speakers. There was no way the cockroach came from outside, as my windows were closed. SO YUP. It's the cockroach from yesterday. I guess the Neem (or whatever) in the product screwed up the cockroach senses, causing it to come out of hiding. Anyway, I going to bring this VSafe into NS for sure.

Last but not least, after a few days of testing, I can conclude that Geri's computer is more or less stable (hardware). Prime95, Toast, CPUBurn, memtest86+, SeaTools, it passed all! I've returned her the laptop today =P. She's really happy! Very adorable =P! Well, well =). Tomorrow I'm going to get another laptop (same as Geri's) on behalf of my uncle =\. I'm a busy man I guess =P.

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