Life Is Just A Flickering Flame...

I think it really is. You can be healthy and all one day, and lying in bed with Death beside you the next. I'm just glad Roy's ok now, but I was reading the Neowin.net Forums just now, and someone who's just 24 years old this year is currently being screened for cancer. He's just 24, just 4 years or so older than I am. I don't know him at all, but I still feel really sad for him. I hope he's going to be fine, I hope he doesn't get cancer. The following is his post...

So yeah, after my job going wrong and every flat i get having a problem since my move to London, i am now being screened for cancer.

Strange thing is, im a 24 year old man and i am being tested for cancer in my breast.

Basically had blood coming out of my nipple yesterday for no reason. I hadent scratched it or caught it at all, it just started bleeding. So i went to the doctor today and he is referring me huh.gif its not the responce i thought i would get.

Im keeping my head up though and getting on as best i can. Thinking of how in a couple years i should hopefully have my own house and morgage with kids running round and my girl will be my wife and my cancer will have been given the obvious all clear.

so, yeah, thats my latest news on my life


I always think about that too, about how in a couple of years I'd be out of NS, completing my studies, and doing well in the working world, with a sweet girlfriend beside me, and finally a happy family with kids running around, in a cosy little house that's well-renovated, specially tuned for comfort and warmth. I really do. But you never know what's going to happen. I remember the time I had a cyst in my buttocks, and had to undergo an operation to remove it. After removing it, the doctor told me, "Come back in a week for the report, we'll also check if it's cancerous." The week went by with me worrying everyday. I don't know what happens after a person dies. Am I just going to rot away, and be forgotten? Or is there really a heaven and a hell? As a Buddhist I do believe in reincarnation. If I were to reincarnate, what would I be? Where would I be? What about my dear ones who will forever be without me?

I don't know the answers to any of them. I just know life's really fragile. And because life's so fragile I'd really love to be happy every day. I want to die happy and smiling. Sometimes when you look at the bigger things in life, things like breakups and family hatred and whatnots don't really matter anymore. Nothing really matters anymore once you're gone anyway. So, before the wind blows your flame away, keep on glowing, keep on being the light for others. I think a life's really worth something if you live it to help others, to save others.

For those who are concerned, check out the thread at the following link:

I really hope he'll come through this alright. Let's all take a moment to pray/wish/bless/hope for his well-being. Alright? =)

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