Time & Tide Wait For No Man, Screwed Society

I'll be going into NS in approximately a month's time. Time seems to have sped up. Just the other day I was running an event, and it's been 2 weeks since. There's really a lot of things I want to do, I think I'm just going to withdraw some money from my bank, and use it just for the sole purpose of enjoying my life. I've been planning to meet up with friends whom I've not met for quite some time. My childhood/primary school/secondary school friends. Till now, I've only met one though, Poh Tiam, and that was only because my computer went down. I've been trying so damn hard to find time, but either my or their plans aren't on good terms with time. What can I say? We're all approaching/past 20 now, and slowly but surely growing old and becoming real adults. Sad to say, it usually means some of us start focusing more on making money than keeping friendships. All I'm asking for now, is for time to let me spend just a day with each of these people I'd REALLY REALLY like to meet and catch up with. To be honest, I've been wanting to meet most of these friends since the day my school ended, but my timetable simply doesn't allow it. Now with NO events in sight, and NS approaching, I simply MUST meet them soon.

Secondly, I really would want to spend more time with Geri doing all the things she wants, like taking her to KTV, or ice-skating, and stuff. She deserves all that, really. She's been really sweet, and I'm really lucky to have her by my side these few months =). I don't know what else to write. I suck at writing nice/happy stuff =(. <3 you!

To my dearest people, the following quote is for you:

It takes a couple seconds to say Hello, but forever to say Goodbye. - Anonymous

Now, on to another thing I simply feel like writing about. Around a month or less ago, there was an article in my local newspaper/tabloid "The New Paper". It was an article about wives who go around having one-night stands with other guys (or girls) despite having a loving husband. Before I continue, I must say I'm writing this from memory, so most of the quotes would not be 100% accurate, but they have a similar meaning to the one in the tabloid.

One of my favourite quote from that article was "I love my husband, but one man is not enough." or something to that extent. The bitch in question also stated "Most of my friends agree with me on this kind of lifestyle." It made me wonder, do these people also cheat on one another? It must be really cool for that to happen, considering the fact that they support these kind of lifestyle. The animal in question also said, "I used to fling a lot before I got married. Then I stopped. I felt guilty when I started having ONS again, but now the guilt is gone." I'm surprised she can even feel guilt.

Most of these bitches, I mean "loving" wives, are financially independent. I think it makes them feel like they can do anything since they're still able to support themselves even if they divorce. After all, the husband's purpose is just to spoil them. Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. There was an article on the next page that focused on the guys. Basically, they interviewed a single guy who has a fetish for married women. He's basically saying what their attitude is like, how some of them even has the guts to introduce him as a friend to their husbands, as though nothing ever happened. Anyway, this guy sounded all cool and shit, "I'm not worried about getting STDs." Seriously, I hope you get one and die alone =). Even your little penis will abandon you.

It's really interesting seeing all these highly capable and financially independent people degrade themselves to become animals just to satisfy that urge. Maybe education really makes one dumber. Where's the morals? What if you go fool around, only to bring home some STDs for your husband/wife. What kind of kids will you raise? From what I know, you'll probably have a kid, throw him to a child development/care centre to raise bright kids, and go on fooling around. I'm beginning to see the future where these people walk around on all fours, with their tongues hanging out, and their dicks and pussies dripping, humping just about everything they see. Really, I see it. Maybe they'll even grow fur over their entire body, and use their moans to communicate.

Sorry for the rant, I'm not open-minded enough, I guess. If open-mindedness equates to behaving like animals, I'd rather not be open-minded =). Good night everyone.

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