I'm Alive!

Finally I'm having a break! Although I've yet to fully recover, I'm feeling much better =). It's been a month since I've hit the gym, so I decided to ready myself for it again by doing some light exercises today ^^. It feels good to feel fit (at least a little) again! The cough's still there, and I'm still having a slight cold/flu, but other than that I feel so much better!

Sad to say, it kept raining today, and I didn't meet Geri Dearie cause of it =(. Sorry dearest. I miss you!

On another geeky note, I bought a D-Link DIR300 router, 2 x 2GB Kingston MicroSD, and a WD 250GB Passport at the recent IT show. I managed to set up the router and all already, so now I'm able to print and view files on my computer using my laptop. It's really nice that I'm finally able to do things on my own will. Haha.

Nevertheless, not everything's peachy. Still, there's always something to be happy about, I guess =).

The recent morale in my workplace isn't exactly the best. I'm disappointed, to say the least. How could it be, that people work expecting rewards all the time? I don't get it. If a superior feels this way, how can you tell your subordinates to suck it up? I'm disappointed, because the people directly under me are complaining 24/7 that they want this, and that. It makes me wonder how often do people do things because they sincerely want to. I suppose more often than not, there is an ulterior motive somewhere. Similarly, how often do people make friends because they sincerely want to?

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