In my daily working life, I'm always hearing people complain about their superiors. They will almost always go on to say that if ever they rise up to that position, they will definitely not make the mistakes their superiors are currently making. Full of confidence, full of determination.

When the time comes for them to succeed their superiors, they are full of promises, full of aspirations on what they intend to achieve for their subordinates. A week passes, things seem to be going well. Two, three weeks later, their subordinates start complaining about them. About the very same issues that these newly-promoted superiors used to complain about their own superiors. Then I realised, many a times these people just want things their way, it doesn't really matter how much shit they talk. Also, I realised I'll almost never see the truth because of my own position, and often end up finding out information only because others bypass the chain of command and complain to me directly.

I'm increasingly sick and tired of listening to all these complains, yet I know I should not. Because these complains/concerns are real. If someone doesn't do anything, it will always be a vicious cycle. It's really sad. As the saying goes:

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." - Abraham Lincoln

I truly agree, for many a times I've seen how ugly people truly are when given the power, the authority. The power to actually make the lives of the people under them better, but they choose to make their own life better, without giving a damn about what happens to the many others under them. The best part of all, they expect people to respect their authority, when they themselves do not respect what is above them. Sometimes I don't know whether to feel angry, or to laugh at the stupidity of these people. Honestly, a part of me despises them, despite knowing it's wrong of me to feel so. Why are people so selfish?

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