I've been spending time over the past week or so reflecting on myself, and that includes trying real hard to read up on certain books/subjects whenever I can. It's been quite a fruitful journey so far, dampened only by my not-so-great health. Nowadays, whenever I feel any negative emotions, I try to stop it by asking "Is it worth it?" As expected, most of the time, the answer is no. Why then, do we still feel such emotions?

Sad to say, we're usually angry with people for the wrong reasons. We're angry because most of the time, we feel somehow betrayed, or let down by them. In actual fact, most of the time we're betrayed by our misconception of what things really are. We're just feeling the negative emotions because things did not turn out our way, because people do not conform to our own flawed expectations.

I think. After all, I'm just another flawed human trying to find out what's my purpose here. I came across this interesting thought/philosophy today, "If life is so troublesome, why live it?" Then it went on to say, "If you've already troubled yourself with life so much, why give up?" Quite interesting actually.

Anyway, I went for a checkup today, and based on my past results (around 1.5 months ago), I apparently have mycoplasma. That explains the coughing, the chest pain, and all. Also, I did some reading up, and it seems that some people have problems recovering from it. I just hope I recover soon.

To end this short and relatively pointless post:

"If you are not leaning, no one will let you down." - Dr. Robert Anthony

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