I've decided that I will be more assertive from now on. I'd like to eventually reach a stage where I can look someone straight in the eye and tell him off, in the most polite yet firm way possible. I was discussing with a colleague of mine today, and realized that some people will simply take advantage of you.

This colleague of mine was sharing with me about how his fellow friend had changed after entering the workforce. It's quite sad actually, and I was telling him it's about time he makes his own stand, instead of letting this friend of his take advantage of their so-called "friendship" all the time. Then I realize, "It's about time I make my stand too."

In what sense? In every way, I guess. It's about time anyway.

I've also realized that I seldom belong to "the group". Other than Mac and friends, and my HDKs, I've never belonged anywhere else. Be it in school, or now at my workplace, I'm usually not part of anything. Maybe it's me, because to be honest, I hate being part of something just to feel accepted. I think it's the Virgo nature to be individualistic. Sadly, sometimes I feel really left out, but whatever. I also like messaging people on MSN aimlessly when I'm bored, only to ignore them when they reply (unknowingly). Asshole.

I think I might start blogging in 3rd person soon.

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