Alright, so I woke up around 2pm and met Hilmi and Dian at 3.30pm or so. Dian had a fucked-up trip to Cash Converters. They didn't want to buy his scanner, and even worse, they said it's worth $5 at most. What the hell. Anyway, we went off to Sim Lim Square after that, where I bought 50 pieces of BenQ blank CD-R. Dian, after meeting Eugene, went to buy Steelpad S & S. For those who don't know what it is, it is a mousepad ^_^. Anyway, after that, we went to have dinner at McDonald's. For some reason, I have to fast together with Hilmi and Dian. Lol :P. After that, we all walked to Orchard. On the way, something disastrous thanks to me, happened. We were walking past Plaza Singapura, and playing around, as usual. Then I pushed Dian hard enough for him to fall into the pool of water by PS, and somehow he slipped and fell =(. His scanner got dropped in the process, and one of his fingers was heavily bruised, together with an injured hip and both of his knees =(. Damn. Sorry man. Thankfully, his beloved N-Gage QD was unharmed. However, he later on found out that his watch, given by his someone special, got a part chipped off =(. Damn it. Sigh. Anyway, we went to Takashimaya where Dian and Eugene went to find their friend. I can't remember his name, I think it was Cheung or something, but they all call him Huffy. After that, Dian went to find his someone special, while me and Hilmi simply sat in the middle of nowhere, outside a shop called Camper, in Takashimaya. The rest joined us later on, and we talked for quite some time, before making a move. Took bus 65 home, and there was this really fierce "ah beng", whose body weight is 50kg at most, with some tattoo, staring at me all the way till he got off. Probably thanks to Hilmi's comment :P. Anyway, it was so scary. LOL ^_^.

Anyway, got home and started playing CS with Hilmi, Dian, Eugene, and Huffy. Huffy left after a while, and I don't know who were those people that took over him. Anyway, I had a migraine the moment I wanted to play, and I'm having a fever now. Well, I guess it's time I fall physically sick after being emotionally sick for so long. Lol. This will stop me from thinking of unnecessary stuff for sure. Well, whatever's meant to be got to happen. If it doesn't, then I can only walk away, knowing I've tried my best. There's a fine line between love and sympathy, as Hilmi said. There's also a fine line between being friendly, and being flirtatious. There's a fine line between everything. And the finest line right now is the one between my sanity and my insanity. Nah, just joking =). Good night people, sweet dreams.

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