Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Lol. I played Jazz Jackrabbit way back when I was in Primary 3 or 4 on Windows 95. It was a really fun side-scroller. In fact, I think it's one of the best side-scrollers ever, for the PC. Anyway, I bought Jazz Jackrabbit 2 the moment it came out, and played it. It was fun, with much better graphics and whatnots. The highest graphic setting was 640 x 480 x 16. Haha =P. It's really fun, but I never completed the game with Spaz before. In part 2, there're two characters to choose from, Jazz and Spaz. Anyway, I installed it, and it actually works on Windows XP! Without any compatibility mode and stuff! I tried installing the original one, but it wouldn't run, giving me a "Runtime Error 200" message =(. I was planning on completing both during these holidays. Anyway, after reading up on some sites such as http://www.dosgames.com, I tried running Jazz Jackrabbit on DOSBox. It works! But the sound stutters =(. Gameplay is smooth though. So I decided on playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 first, complete it with Spaz, then find a solution for that sound problem. It's really fun. Lol. I'm playing on Hard mode, and have so far cleared the first episode, and am halfway through the second. Side-scrollers are really fun, and they're so refreshing compared to the FPS games on the market nowadays. Too bad no one bothers making 2D games anymore =(. At least, not for the PC. With today's computers, we can really be playing an awesome 2D game... Great animations and whatnots. Anyway, here's a screenshot I took for no reason at all... Click on it for the bigger version.

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