Losing Myself? Fuck It.

While I was worried about losing you, I lost myself.
Now that I've lost you, I can't find myself anymore.
Blame me for this ignorance, but ignorance is really bliss.
Truths are better than lies, but dreams are sweeter than reality.
I wanted to turn my dreams into reality, but dreams... are dreams.
So unreal. My life was a dream when I was with you.
Now I'm awake, back in reality. Where are you now?
The you I know no longer exists, only in my dreams do I see you.
They say it takes a lifetime to forget someone, is it really true?
I saw a dolphin soft toy just now, and the thought of you came to my mind.
Even now, when I feel no sadness anymore, I still can't escape...
The ghost of you...

Someday I'll disappear from your life completely. I've no idea what you want at all. I saw a little hope, a little future. But as I walk nearer to that ray of light known as hope, it disappears. So I try to walk away, but it lights up again, flickering. Yet a flickering flame is better than complete darkness, so I give it another go. But yet time and again, I hear things from my friends I'd rather not know. People I truly regard as friends not telling me things I should've known. Maybe the flame will completely extinguish someday. Make up your mind, please. The wax is melting away... When it's gone, all you'll see is a broken soul. A shadow of the candle that once stood tall. Why...? Is it fun toying with people? Maybe humans are really toys. Someday, I will try throwing away my conscience, and just enjoy. Being a fool... Isn't fun the moment you realise it. I've been a fool for too long. The glass is already shattered and broken, leave it alone... Why do you keep on trying to piece it together, only to give up time and again? Even now, I still see a little future, but I'm probably lying to myself. You and I are from completely different worlds. I'll simply fade away from your life as time goes on... Just like a candle melting away.

Anyway, thanks to Roy for the free chalet ^_^. It was fun :).

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