... I'm already tired enough and I'm trying to sound friendly and stuff, and this shit prick guy named Michael called. He says his printer is unable to work and shit, and there's no way I could determine if it was a hardware or software problem based on his LOUSY description. So I told him I'll get someone to call him back later, and you know what?

Michael: "Don't bullshit me la. You say call call never call one."

Me: "Huh?"

Michael: "My wife called 6 times you all never call back?"

Me: "Sorry, but I don't think I picked up any calls related to that. Tell me what's wrong."

Michael: "KA NI NA LA FUCK YOU."

Me: "Cool down and watch your words."

Michael: "Send someone over la."

Me: "If it's software you'll have to pay."

Michael: "Pay then pay la. Waste my time."

Me: "Sure, your name?"

Michael: "Michael."

Me: "Your serial number?"

Michael: "XXXXXX. Your name?"

Me: "Yuan Chin."

Michael: "You all making me frustrated, better call me by 5.30pm. Bye."

Me: "Bye."

If I wasn't working I would've punched your face fucker. Kanina your mother. Go fuck your own mother, don't fucking use vulgarities like this when you don't even know me. Irritating pile of shit.

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