Some Random Thoughts

This is directed at no one in particular, everyone in general...

Some people talk too much and think too little. Seriously, wake up. Don't act like you've seen everything in the world... =). No one will ever be able to do that. Maybe when you're like 60 years old or something you would've seen most of the world, but there're still bound to be things that shock/amaze you. Teenagers and young adults behaving like they've seen the whole world...? Get a life, step out of your house for once instead of simply believing in the papers or what you hear all the time. Talking about love and its meaning, when you don't even understand yourself. Meaning of love? I don't know. If there was one absolute definition for love, then why the hell do people still consider love a mystery. What love means to you is entirely up to the individual. To stereotype the whole of humanity with your definition of love is amusing. Really =). Not that yours makes any sense to me. Getting in and out of relationships... Achievement? Want an award for that? Why don't you take a look at how many hearts you've broken, how many bitches you've created as a result of your fucked up actions? Why don't you take a look at your studies, and work harder? If you can't even value friendships, I don't see how you can value someone you "love".

You say you love her. Then why the fuck do you do nothing about it? Sitting around and saying "I love her." means nothing. Love is just a word. Words are just words without actions. You want to win a girl's heart by sweet-talking? Go ahead. Be your "sweet" and "caring" self, only to reveal your true self and hurt the girl's faith in you completely after getting together with her. Actions speak louder than words, my friend. Why don't you try being yourself for once? Or do you not know who you are? All the sweet-talking and bullshit about loving someone, when all you wanted was a companion to share your sorrows with. All you wanted was someone to pity you. There's a fine line between loving someone and simply seeking companionship with someone. Don't mix them up. You might end up having sex with someone you only considered a friend, without realising it.

Giving up everything for someone you love? Dude, if she really loves you would you have to do that? Wake up. That amount of time spent on someone who doesn't appreciate a thing at all is better spent at some blood donation drive. At least you'll help someone, no doubt you remain anonymous. That's what helping is all about, right? Or do you want recognition and fame for it? Retarded POS.

When you judge others, you judge yourself. Similarly, right now most of you are thinking this is just an angry rant, that I'm a loser trying to make sense of what's happening around myself. Yeah, I'm trying to make sense of everything around me. Friends? But don't judge me when you don't even know me =). I've my reasons, and I'm sure my true friends can vouch for what I'm saying here.

On another note, while I was out with someone the other day, I heard something really stupid from her. She told me her friends who are attached start quarrels with their boyfriends when they feel the relationship is stale. Their reason? "When we quarrel, I know my boyfriend cares." WTF? This is literally playing with someone's heart. Why don't you FUCKING ASK HIM DIRECTLY IF HE CARES? You fucking start a quarrel, just to fulfill your selfish WANT? It's not even a need. FUCKTARD. Were you all born with your head stuck in your ass or something? Even worse, do you even have one? Are all girls this retarded? Sorry to all the sweet girls out there. Anyway, let me go on. This retarded logic of theirs is as stupid as some guys'. "If you love me, let us make love." HAHA. Yay. I love all of you pretty girls out there. You love me? What is this world coming to?

The word "love", among many similar words that WERE used to represent it, has completely lost its meaning. These words no longer mean anything... It's sad. Words I use to get only from my girlfriend... Are so common now... It's even worse when you know they don't mean shit...

And to someone... If you read this you know who you are. Don't say stuff like you'd rather run away than face the truth because it causes you pain. It really... Makes no sense =).

To Ache, good luck on Tuesday. HEHEHE ^_^. Glad to see things are going well for you =).

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