Sead! Lol.

Talked to this really friendly chap on the phone named Sead. He's 67, and he's from Italy. Really funny and he talks like a kid. Lol. Told me he's son's 29 years old and in Switzerland. He's been in Singapore for the past 18 years, and his son left Singapore at the age of 21. After a morning of irritating calls, this is one refreshing talk. His accent is a bit hard to catch though. Lol.

ON ANOTHER NOTE, this fellow colleague whom I shall not name is really irritating the hell out of me. I seriously think he's gay. Even Gregory thinks so. And he fucking held my hand while I was using the mouse, and stroked it. FUCK. I was like, "What the fuck is wrong?", so I simply stared back. Fuck it man. The other time I lost my earphones and he had it. He said he found it on the floor. Yeah sure. And instead of asking around, he simply kept it in his drawer =). Clever. I usually have nothing against homosexuals, but for fuck's sake keep it to yourself.

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